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March UFO Challenge

Judy has announced the # for the March UFO Challenge, and I’m not finished with February’s!  Although significant progress has been made.   It’s a good thing that Judy let us modify the rules.  As a result I have two lists – one of project to get to the top stage and one for tops which need to be quilted. The idea was I would pick one of the two projects and get it done.  January I was lucky and got both done, but February the Dresden Plate was on both lists, so I didn’t have a choice.

This month’s number is 1.

On my “get it to the top stage” list is Mom’s 4-patch Stacked Posies that she started the last time she hosted my friends and me for a quilting weekend.

To be "Topped"

On the “To be Quilted” list is a Red, White and Blue baby quilt.  This quilt top has been around since Spring 2008.

To be Quilted

So, this month, I’m going to continue working on the Dresden Plate – hopefully complete it.  I will also try to get the baby quilt finished.  The Stacked Posies is on my list of projects to work on at the quilt retreat next month, so I don’t think I’ll work on it.  Besides I have a “new” project to work on — Dragonflies —  which I’d like to have done before I go to the retreat – not to mention a few other projects which I need to make progress on this month.

5 Thoughts on “March UFO Challenge

  1. Stacked Posies is a GREAT quilt! I made one for a friend to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary and she loved it. Keep up the good progress!!

  2. What wonderful projects. Feb. was a short month, that’s why you didn’t finish.

  3. Hi, thanks for your kind comment on my post on Stash… and fantastic if you get a start on yours… but I see you have lots on the go…. I love your Dresdens… it is striking…

  4. Wonderful possibilities on your list. Judy C

  5. The dresden plates are turning out quite lovely – keep up the good work!

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