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Some Day Quilts

I have a list of quilts that I want to make. This is different than the pile of kits I have — obviously I want to make those, not only did I buy the pattern, but I have the fabric. I’m talking about my “some day” quilts — those quilts when the time is right that I plan to make.

At one point I had a log cabin in the works, but when the power went out the day I was working on it, I got distracted and didn’t get back to it. I’m afraid it got wet in a flood and tossed. Maybe I can retrieve the one my mom started when my brother got bunk beds. His son is the same age as he was when Mom started the quilts (and my nephew has the same set of bunk beds).

Earlier this year I tried to make an Irish Chain. That is to say I had fabric that I wanted to use, and I thought it would work in an Irish Chain quilt. I made a sample block, but it simply wasn’t speaking to me. So that fabric ended up in a different quilt and I still haven’t made an Irish Chain quilt.

Trip Around the World – back in high school, and before I understood copyright, I photocopied the pattern for Trip Around the World from one of my magazines. Who knows what happened to the magazine, or instructions, but I still have the picture (in black and white) and templates I drew on graph paper. I’ve even have a drawing of what colors are supposed to go where.

My top five “some day” rounds out with the Double Wedding Ring and Lone Star. With the exception of the Double Wedding Ring and some would argue the Lone Star, these are simple to piece quilts. Ironically, it’s the Double Wedding Ring and Lone Star that I have in progress.

I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten these quilts made, but “some day” will come and I’ll get them done.

What quilts are on your “some day” list?

SBS Block Due 9/13

D-7 Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

There are many ways to do this block. I decided to piece mine.

Quilting Studio Tour

This summer one of my e-mail groups did a virtual sewing room tour. Since my area was not presentable, I did not participate. The studio is now presentable, so I’ll take you on a tour.

I’m using what the builders called the den or family room as my quilt studio and office. It is in the front of the house and entry into it is via the garage, kitchen and living room.

This first picture is looking diagonally across the room from the living room door. I’ve created a working/sewing triangle — my work computer is on the front wall under the quilt, my personal computer is on the garage wall and across from them is my sewing machine. Also on the garage wall is a folding craft table with only one side raised. This is my cutting table. The bookshelf, below the edge of the desk, holds the various computer parts and pieces that I don’t need access to on a daily basis.

Moving into the room and toward the front wall, is the view diagonally across to the garage and kitchen doors. The room is a bit deeper, than this picture would lead you to believe, but I’ve got my large ironing board and a shelving unit temporarily in the corner behind me. The white tables are temporary as well. I had friends over this past weekend to sew and they all needed a space to setup. Also from this view is one of my two main sets of shelves with my fabric in bins.

A better view of the shelves and looking into the living room (where I was standing when I took the first picture). Again I’m not in the corner as now I’ve got the desks behind me. There is a short bookshelf for my quilting books and to the right of the door is a chest of drawers. This is where the orphan blocks go and I keep my music fabric. The guest chair is in front of the chest of drawers currently, but usually it’s closer to the sewing table.

Finally, from the kitchen and garage door corner is a view of the design wall, the big ironing board and a hopefully temporary set of shelves. The ironing board is in front of the design wall so there was room for the extra sewing tables. It’s final home will either be up against the front window or along the back side of the sewing tables.

Well, that’s the tour. There’s still work to be done — get real window treatments, clear that black shelf off and recover the chair along with a second one currently stored in the garage.

I just hope this clean room doesn’t stifle my creativity.

What’s On My Design Wall? – 9/7

I’m afraid my design wall looks the same as it did a week ago — except now I can’t really reach it! The room was rearranged to accommodate three additional quilters. This week I hope to get this row of rings onto the quilt.

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SBS Block Due 9/6

J3 – Farmer’s Daughter

I’m cutting it close this week. Paper piecing is not something I necessarily enjoy, but it sure comes in handy when working with odd shapes. I drew the block in EQ6 and printed it off on Monday. Tonight I finally pulled it out to work on.

SBS Swap Block Set #5

L6 – Steps to the Altar

All the sets are now done — and well ahead of the deadline. I need to make my labels and get them in the mail.

This block went together so much easier than the last one — none of those 1″ finished HST units. The brown fabric is some that came in last week from my friend. The blue with tiny dots was some I picked up to see if it matches a DWR I picked up at an estate sale (it doesn’t). Who knows when I picked up the background fabric.

Now to get this week’s BOW made!

Stash Report Week # 36

Due to all the cleaning and paper work, very little piecing got done this week. Although I did make a set of 6″ blocks. But those blocks just don’t use much fabric.

On the other hand, I did get a pile of fabric from my friend washed and brought up stairs, so the count goes the wrong way again. Remind me next year not to count gifts — I’d only be in the hole by about 50 yards then.

Fabric Added this Week: 46.5 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 214.75 yards

Fabric Used this Week: .75 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 67.986 yards

Net Stash: +146.764 yards

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SBS Swap Block Set # 4

G10 – Arizona

This is the fourth of the five block sets I’m making for the SBS swap. I needed to make 5 to swap and a 6th to keep for myself, but I ran out of the beige fabric. I’ll dig around in my stash to find something similar to finish my block — but not tonight. I haven’t made this week’s SBS BOW. I’ve got another 23 hours to get it done and turned in. But first I’m headed to bed.

A Week Without Quilting!

Who knew that a missing ruler could cause a week without sewing? I finally found my missing Easy Angle Ruler in a pile of papers. Apparently when I was clearing (note, not cleaing) my desk it got grabbed up and put on the shelf.

But truth be told, I’m not sure much sewing would have occured this week anyway. Earlier in the week I was working on the finishing instructions for the smaller Kansas Spirit quilt and I’ve been cleaning the house.

Today and tommorow I’m hosting a couple of my quilting buddies and we are going to sew all weekend. I’ve got Taco Soup in the crock pot for lunch, and the chicken is marinating in the refrigerator. I’ve talked my husband into grilling it tonight by making an Italian Wedding Cake to snack on.

Now to pick something from my list to work on this weekend.

What Cleaning Does

I did not set out to clean. However, I received a “ton” of fabric cast offs which needed to be put up. There is still more in the basement waiting to be washed.

When we redid my sewing studio/office, I made the decision that if it didn’t fit on the two sets of shelves, I had to find another home for it — whatever it is. A few weeks ago I looked through all of my quilting magazines and donated a 12″ stack. You can’t tell by looking my shelves, because I gathered up the magazines that were scattered through out the house.

The fabric is a bit tougher. But, since I’ve made significatant progress on my DWR, it moved out of the bin it’s in and into one of my project bins. I also pulled out the extra fabric from a couple of other quilt tops recently finished and either put it away or dumped it on my table to be cut up into scraps. That’s the pile on the right in the picture below.

The pile on the left if what I found when I cleared my cutting table off. I’ve midplaced my small EZ Angle Ruler. I misplaced the large EZ Angle Ruler at the begining of the year. I didn’t even know I had one let alone two, plus the Companion Angle Ruler until I started working on Bonnie Hunter’s Orange Crush. Now I can’t find either!

I guess I keep digging.