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Since I posted about finishing the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch yesterday, there’s not really anything new to report on this week.  I started setting up my sewing machine to work on the Cream & Green Swap blocks, but then discovered I can’t find my thread. I’m using the same thread I used on the D9P, but have no idea where I put it when I collapsed the treadle machine.

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The Blue Disappearing 9-Patch


Yesterday was gorgeous – sunny, light breeze, 74 degrees – not something you see often in Kansas City in February, but it was perfect for a quilt photoshoot. Ever since we cleared the jungle, I wanted to hang a line to hang quilts on.  It took two tries, as the weight of the quilt caused the first line to sag.


This quilt is made from recycled shirts with the exception of the blue accent squares and binding. Even the back is from recycled shirts.


I started this quilt January 5, 2016, finished the top February 24, 2016, then started working on the backing.  I finished the backing some time in June 2016 — possibly at the quilt retreat I went on.  Then the quilt sat, ageing, until I pulled it out this January and began quilting it on my treadle machine.


The binding was applied and stitched down on my main machine. I also made a pillowcase to go with the quilt using the binding fabric and a shirting that I bought a whole bolt of 10-15 years ago.


This is my first finish for 2017 and is one of my 1st Quarter Finish Along Goals.

What’s On My Design Wall


Over the weekend I made the pillowcase for the Disappearing 9-Patch and trimmed the threads from the quilt. I’m washing it, so do not have a finished picture yet. Then I pulled out the Cream & Green Swap blocks.

I’m quilting this block by block and can’t remember how I’m connecting the blocks. So, I’m making it up as I go.  Actually, I think it got set aside because I had a ‘brilliant’ thought on how to connect the blocks and then realized it wouldn’t work.  I had that same thought and acted on it last night, only to come to the same roadblock.  I’ve revised my thinking, but didn’t get a chance to act on it.


Also this weekend, my husband and I took some furniture up to my nephew for his new home – got to love Craigslist finds. Anyway, they live about 15 miles from Crossroads Quilting and 30 miles from Missouri Star Quilting. I knew I couldn’t get a trip in to Missouri Star, but we did drive up to Crossroads.  I picked up 4 FQs. Since I don’t “need” any fabric, I tend to look for neutrals.  I’m not 100% convinced about the top FQ, but it will be OK once it’s cut up.

I’m linking up to Design Wall Monday over at Patchwork Times.  There’s also a link up at Quiltville’s Quips & Snips for En Provence which I posted about Friday. You can see my En Provence top HERE.

En Provence Is a Top


Last Saturday I finally got the borders on En Provence. I opted for the nutcrackers to be feet out and put the borders on log cabin style.  So with the exception of a future label and/or hanging sleeve, this quilt will have no top or bottom as it finishes at 108″ square.


Now to find or make a wide enough backing. I’m leaning toward THIS from Nancy’s Notions. In the meantime, the top is folded up with the extra blue, red, and nutcracker fabrics.


Here’s the final link up for En Provence.

What’s On My Design Wall


Saturday the final borders were put on En Provence — post coming soon. Sunday,  I got the binding on the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch.  Yes, with the exception of the blue, those are recycled fabrics from shirts I’ve picked up at garage sales and thrift shops. I still need to clip threads, make one, maybe two pillowcases then wash the whole thing before it’s ready to be delivered. But in the meantime, I’ve pulled out the UFO which was supposed to be a Christmas 2015 gift.


I’ll have to sort through this pile to see where I left off. My goal is to get this quilt finished by the end of February. Hum…just over 3 weeks.  We’ll see.

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What’s On My Desgin Wall


This blue Disappearing 9-patch might just become my 1st finish for January and the year. I finished quilting it yesterday afternoon. Diagonal lines through the squares and then horizontal and vertical lines through the middle of the blocks.  There is one more edge to trim, then it will be time to bind.

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Quilting on the Treadle


The quilt is basted and the first two lines of quilting have been put in the quilt via the treadle.  I’m using the treadle machine for two reasons.

  1. My “new” 15 year old machine is getting harder to repair and it’s making noises that I don’t like.
  2. The 100 year old treadle machine has 1/3 more harp space and it easy to repair.

Some time in the near future, hopefully several years out, I’m going to be in the market for a new sewing machine. Given my wish list, I may end up with two – an older mechanical machine that makes a beautiful straight stitch that is a workhorse and easy to repair and a newer machine which has needle up/down and a thread cutter. Then again, do I need a thread cutter if I don’t paper piece?

What’s On My Design Wall

Over the weekend I joined another UFO Challenge. It works on a simple principle — saying no new projects until you’ve finished your UFOs is not realistic. Simply pick 4 UFOs you are going to work on this year and report on them.  So I picked the following 4 UFOs.

2017 UFO Challenge Quilts

  • Green and Blue Strip Twist
  • Candy Sunflower Seeds (top only)
  • Blue Disappearing 9-Patch
  • Green and Cream Swap

Little did I know that I should have put En Provence on my list. I’ve stalled at the borders. The borders that I knew what I was planning to do.


The quilt, as designed, was finished Friday evening, and cat approved. Saturday the blue border and additional round of neutral 4-patches were added. That’s where I got stuck.


The nutcrackers are directional. Do I cut the borders so they all march the same direction, giving the quilt a top and bottom? March the nutcrackers vertically around the quilt counter-clockwise? Have them all stand at attention feet (not that they have any feet) in or feet out?  There is only 3 yards of fabric, but still each of these options is an option — but I would like at least two pillowcases to match the quilt.

So, leaning toward feet out, I put the top on the bed and hung the border fabric to see what I thought.



I need the additional width on the quilt. It just hangs over the bottom of the mattress. But I’m not positive this is what I want to do.  So, I folded up the quilt top, the nutcracker fabric, the blue, and the red that I used in the top and have set it aside, as I’ve want/need to finish the Disappearing 9-patch.

My main sewing machine was pulled from the table. The treadle machine opened up.


A couple of orphan blocks became a practice piece.


The backing was pulled out and pressed. The dining room table cleared, leaves added and covered. The backing rolled up on my 2 x 8. The batting spread out. That’s when I discovered I didn’t have any basting spray. I thought I did. But it has been a year since I used any. So off to WM we went. In and out with only the basting spray. Probably a first for me.


The backing is now attached to the batting and the top is pressed.


But I ran out of steam. Tonight I’ll finish basting the quilt and then start quilting it.

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Cleaning aka Distracted

I estimate that I have another 8 hours to go before I complete my En Provence quilt top. The pattern is still available HERE through the end of the month.


Block #13 is sewn into rows, waiting to be finished. But I haven’t turned my sewing machine on today. Instead of I’ve been cleaning.

Back at the end of the year, Task One of the final count down was to get your stash under control. Task Two was tackle the flat surfaces. For me these two tasks are basically the same thing.  Invariably there are piles of fabric laying around at the point I finish a quilt top — or get it to a stopping point. My Allietare and En Provence fabrics were stacked here and there, not that either top is finished, but both are to the point where I know what fabric will be needed to complete them. So, I allowed myself to get distracted.


I’ve been folding fabric. This is supposed to be the ‘floral’ box, but given the red & green box is stuffed, I’ve hijacked the box temporarily. I’ve also hijacked the black and white & red and white box, moving that fabric into this box. Which has made room for the larger pieces of fabric.



I can’t say that all of the loose fabric is folded – I forgot about this box of fabric and the pile under the lid, but I have cleared the shelves of loose fabric – except for the binding fabric for the Disappearing 9-Patch.


Now I have a pile of fabric which needs to be cut up into strips, bricks and squares.


But I think  I want to consider what exactly I made be making next.  Why yes, I’m thinking about a new quilt. I’m considering using these 4-patches as the starter.


I don’t really have enough to do anything — yet. 43 3-inch black and white 4-patches and 32 red and white 4-patches.  I have red fabric that needs to be cut into strips on the ironing board, there is white fabric on top of the shoe box and in the box is some black fabric.  Now, to figure out a quilt design.

Or I can spend my next 8 hours quilting and finish the En Provence quilt top so I can get to quilting the Disappearing 9-patch.