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What’s On My Design Wall


Today’s post is actually of my design wall! This past weekend I went on a retreat and finished the Allietare blocks — that’s the mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter presented this past December. These are not all of the blocks, but just the one’s I tossed up on the design wall last night.

When I head to a retreat, I do my best to get up frequently and walk to the ironing board. This results in lots of progress on the leader/ender project, which currently is Tumblers.  I have all but 8 rows finished, and those 8 rows just need 3 pieces attached to them. I’ve started sewing the rows together and have 16 sewn together.


It is about 70″ wide and eventually will be 80″ long.

The rest of this month is going to be crazy, so I doubt I’ll do much but repack my bags as I head out to another retreat on the 6th.

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What’s on My Design Wall


I’m preparing to go to a quilt retreat this week. So naturally I need to get a few projects lined up. Allietare is boxed up and ready to go. It will be my primary project. I’ll take the Tumblers as my leader/ender project and just because will toss in my postage stamp L/E. The retreat is from Thursday evening until Noon Sunday, so I hope to have time to work on at least one more project.

For that project I cut strips for a Strip Twist quilt. After I had the fabric cut, I made two sample blocks. This quilt should go together quickly — provided I remember to test my seam allowance first. I spent a good bit of time ripping out seams since my strip set was too narrow.


Remember those 2″ and 1-1/2″ shirting strips I cut a few weeks ago? Something set me off and I decided that I would make Pineapple Blossom. I’m going to use the name neutral throughout since I have a length of this fabric. I’ll keep making blocks until I run out of 2″ strips of shirting, so I have no idea how big this quilt will be or where it will end up.


As for what I should be working on, I’ve got 3 of 10 rows sewn together in 2 sections (6 blocks and 3-1/2 blocks) with two more rows pined and ready to sew together.



I really need to get motivated and finish this backing so I can get to the quilting.

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A New Rotary Blade Was Needed


After cutting up all those shirts for the back of the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch and making a pile of 2″ and 1-1/2″ strips plus a stack of 5″ squares, a new rotary blade was needed in my cutter.

Last night I cut the dark fabric for my next quilt a blue/green Strip Twist. Up next are the lights/neutrals.  I’m taking these pre-cut strips to the retreat next weekend.

What’s On My Design Wall


I thought for certain I would have the backing pieced for today’s design wall post. But it was not to be and I have no idea what I did instead of quilting this weekend.  I have two of the 10 rows pieced and ready to sew together. I changed my plan and instead of finishing each row with 2 5-1/2″ squares, I dug through the ‘scraps’ and found enough fabric to cut a 5-1/2″ x 10-1/2″ rectangle. I think it will look better. I also got a few more “8’s” sewn into “16’s” on my leader/ender Tumblers.

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Ready To Sew


Well, ready to sew may be a bit premature. But, I have 90 10-1/2″ squares – half light, half dark and a stack of 5-1/2″ shirt squares ready to layout into a backing for the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch. There’s also a stack of 2″ and 1-1/2″ strips for a future quilt.

What’s On My Design Wall


Off and on all week I’ve been working on the shirt backing. I’m cutting 10-1/2″ and 5-1/2″ squares, then from what’s left, I’m cutting 2″ and 1-1/2″ strips. The rest of the shirt goes into my shirt scrap box. Ideally, I need 90 large squares and 20 small squares as I need the backing to be 95″ x 100″. I think I’ve got 24 large squares cut so far.

But I felt the need to piece. So instead of pulling out any of my numerous UFOs that could be worked on, I pulled out Tuscan Sun, the JoAnn BOM from 2006 that my mom collected.


I didn’t get far. The pieces are pre-cut, so no thought required there and just what I needed. Unfortunately, either the cutting was off or my piece was off. I suspect it’s a little bit of both.  Each quarter section is supposed to measure 8″ unfinished. They do not. So this is going to require a bit of thinking.  For now, I think the whole thing is going to get put back in its packaging and put back on the shelf.

But I did make progress on the Tumblers.


A group of 8’s  sewn into a group of 16 (there is a dark tumbler just outside of the picture on the left.)

Now back to cutting shirts.

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Changing Direction


Just to say that I have, I made one blocks for Alletore. The pieces are now packed away. I’ve also folded up the rest of the fabric, including that for the setting triangles and bundled it together. The project box and fabric bundle will go with me to the quilt retreat next month.

So, to the change of direction. I have two quilts that I really need to finish, and have picked the backing of the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch to work on next. What can I say? I really want to work on the Tumblers, but can only do that as a leader/ender and piecing the backing will allow me to do that. But first I have to cut the squares for the backing out of what’s left of the shirts.

Would you believe this backing will be the 12th top/backing I’ve made from the shirts? – Oh wait — I forgot about the Alphabet Blocks since they haven’t been set yet. So, that’s 13, not including the occasional use of shirting is various blocks. Needless to say, the there’s not much left to the shirts.


Since, I’m a Scrap User’s System convert, there’s too much fabric to just throw away, but quite frankly, I’m not sure what to do with it. For now, it’s going into one of the shirt bins, nice and flat.


Here’s my stack of cut fabric — 10-1/2″ square & 5-1/2″ squares for the backing and 1-1/2″ strips and 2″ strips.


I see a whole lot of cutting in my future. Perhaps I should change the blade on my rotary cutter.

What’s On My Design Wall


Clue # 4 of Alletore is done! Now on to Clue # 5. Oh wait. I didn’t get that clue downloaded and saved. But no fear – I can use Clue # 6 to back into Clue # 5. This evening I’m going to finish the cutting which I’ve skipped — the pieces for the outer edge of the quilt center and then pack everything together so I can work on other projects which need to be finished sooner than later.


Meanwhile, the  Tumbers Leader/Ender project has been moving along. 400 more seams and then I’ll be ready to sew rows into a quilt top.

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2016 Finish Along – 2nd Quarter

Oh, my. Such grand plans for the 1st quarter and no finishes to show for it. I did complete 2 quilt tops, but those don’t count for this challenge. I nearly decided to not enter the 2nd quarter challenge, but why not. The worst that can happen is I don’t finish anything again.

As with the 1st quarter (not that it helped me) I’m going to list everything that I have started, or am considering starting. But first the main objectives.

April – May – June


  • Green & Cream Swap
  • Compass Lone Star
  • Blue Disappearing 9-Patch
  • Music Throw
  • Turquoise and Green Strip Twist
  • Monochromatic Tablerunner
  • Alletore

It’s unlikely that I’ll finish all of these projects. I’ve promised myself I ‘get’ to work on Alletore through Saturday night, then I’ll resume working on the Green & Cream Swap quilt. I’m attending two quilt retreats this quarter, so I’ll work on Alletore, Strip Twist, and the backing for the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch.

But just in case I come up for air, there are tops waiting to be quilted:

tops2016Pink & Brown, Christmas BOM, Scrap Patch Hearts

Black & White 4-Patch Stacked Posies, Christmas Crazy 8’s, Moda U

Raising Cane, 2012 Spring Mystery #2, 2008 Retreat Swap

Baby B&W 4-Patch Stacked Posies, Whitework, Stack ‘n Wack

Thangles BOM 1, B&W Strip Twist, Old Tobacco Road

Machine Quilting Sampler, Fairy Frost Sunset, Twin 2011 Mystery

QIAD Christmas Row, Mom’s 4-Patch Stacked Posies

Baby 2011 Mystery, Estate Doves in the Window

And quilts still in pieces:

PiecesLee’s Baskets, Mom’s Thangle BOM, Hancock Stars BOM

Border Class Sample, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas #2

Sheryl’s Churn Dashes, Green & Cream Swap, Alphabet BOM

Hexie Hand Project, L/E Tumblers, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas #1

Mom’s Sweatshirt, Sister’s Swap Blocks

Just Takes Two, Estate DWR, Compass Lone Star, Candy Sunflower Seeds

QAYG Strings, Postage Stamps, Faux Applique, Blue Strings

Redwork Snowmen, Jane’s Hourglasses, QIAD Flying Dutchmen, Allietare

String HST Wall Hanging, Lee’s Christmas Blocks, Lillbet’s Garden, Star-A-Day

Not to mention a few kit’s I’m considering for this year:

challengekitsTuscan Sun BOM, MayPole Bags(?), The Night Before Christmas

more kits

“Aug 2013 Quilt A”, Triangle Frenzy Runner

squedge 001

Squedge Ruler project – hopefully a 12″ x 30″ table runner

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Clue # 3


I’m plugging along on Allietare, finishing clue # 3 last night while listening to the ball game. Now it’s on to clue # 4 where I need to begin by cutting fabric.