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ORL Part 7 Is Done

I’ve finished Part 7 of On Ringo Lake and have started sewing them to the 9-patches. Meanwhile I am still piecing the combination triangle units. I’m not quite halfway through those.

A Few More Pieces and Planning a Road Trip

Today I mixed it up. Did a few combination triangle units from Part 6 of On Ringo Lake and stitched a few geese together from Part 7.  I’m 3/4 of the way through Part 7, so when I finish those I guess I’ll circle back to Part 3, which turned out to be the sashing.

In the meantime, I’ve started thinking about my Memorial Day week road trip to Jackson, Mississippi and the Mississippi Quilt Association June Gathering. Over the years we’ve taken several different routes:

  • Kansas City – St Louis – Memphis – Jackson
  • Kansas City – Fayetteville – Little Rock – Jackson
  • Kansas City – Springfield – Jonesboro – Memphis – Jackson

The route depended on the weather, where exactly in Mississippi we were going and when we needed to be there. Stopping at quilt shops has always been hit or miss. Frequently we pass by the shops outside of business hours, but you can bet your rotary cutter I knew where the shops on our route were and stopped at them if they were open.

On this trip I have the luxury 4 or 5 days off before I need to be in Jackson, so I can plan my trip around quilt shop hours. Earlier today I asked on Facebook if there were any MUST SEE shops along the route and was reminded that Paducah is not that far off the first route.

So the first route is the one I’m going to investigate first. I’ve always wanted to go Paducah – ideally during Quilt Week – but it’s never worked out. I’ve been through Paducah twice. Once when I was still in college and before I started quilting. The only thing I can remember about the second time was it was Saturday just after business hours.


Slow and Steady

Since I picked up the extra peach/coral FQ for On Ringo Lake, I thought I would go ahead and cut it up – not that I’m finished sewing the geese together.  I’m just past halfway on that clue, but stopped to sew a few of the corner pieces together so I could see a whole block.  Tomorrow it will be back to stitching geese together.


More Stash Enhancement


I took this afternoon off for an appointment on the other side of town which ended significantly earlier than expected. So, naturally, I looked for the nearest quilt shop, Quilter’s Station in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in there. The first thing they told me when I walked in the door, was new fabric had been added to the sale room.  The quilts I could make just from the fabric in the sale room.  But alas, I’m on a very limited budget and my goal is a few more corals/peaches for On Ringo Lake. None were to be found in the sale room.

Next I hit the FQ bin.  I found the fabric shown above – my colors appear to be off slightly, but they  blend well with what I bought Saturday and will work my quilt.  Since they were there, I picked up a couple of turquoises and a brown which I thought might be good for some sort of a border. Unfortunately they only had this FQ, but I know it’s a Hoffman as I found it in black. I’m not sure where my borders are going, so it’s really too soon to be worried about them.



First Post of 2018

Well, here it is February and I’m just now making my first post of the year.  I hope to do better this year with my blogging than I did last year, but I’m making no promises.

Since I last posted, I got about halfway through the quilting on the 2016 Bonnie Hunter mystery, En Provence. I had allowed 4 hours to for quilting, but that didn’t take into consideration, stabbing my self with my nips resulting in lots of blood, or the fact that my quilt is 115 ” square — significantly larger that most of my quilts.  Soon, I will have to schedule more time on the long arm to finish quilting it.

I’m working on the 2017 mystery, On Ringo Lake, and making progress. As each clue came out, I cut the fabric and sewed at least one clue – at least up through clue # 6. Technically I had enough fabric, but it would be predominately just two fabrics and that would require knowing where in the quilt those pieces were going. In the meantime, I kept sewing the pieces for the clues, skipping # 2. I think I’m halfway through clue #7.

The LQS had a sale on FQs – $2 a piece. I really wanted 5 peachy/coral FQs to round out what I had, but was only able to find the 4 pictured above. I’m considering changing my setting squares, so picked up a couple of turquoise FQ and of course a couple of neutrals on general principles.

Also while out and about, I found 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts by Judy Hopkins & Nancy J. Martin at Half-Price Books. There are six quilts in the book that I want to make, so it came home with me.



Creativity Returning

It’s been a while, but my creativity is beginning to return. It’s evidenced by the new projects I’ve accumulated over the past few weeks and older projects I’ve pulled out to work on. There’s 7 projects on the table and there are a few more which I didn’t get into the dining room.

The oldest project on the table is last year’s Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt, En Provence.  I hope to get it quilted in early December. I’m waiting on a pantograph to come in so I can schedule rental time. But that’s OK, because my husband wants to start wearing waistcoats to work and I’m certain I can make them for less than the few he has found to purchase.

But when I went to the store I found the plaid I fell in love with last fall and there is enough on the bolt for a skirt or dress for me as well as his waistcoat. The color is off in this picture. The dark blue will be the lining for the waistcoat and the lining in the dress will be the bright turquoise with matches that tiny line running through the plaid. The goal is to get these 2 pieces, and find/make a blouse, by November 29th. I may pull my hair out as I work through altering the patterns.

Altering the patterns, is primarily why those knits haven’t been cut into – that and I think I’ve changed my mind on what I’m using the print on. I don’t know that the print has enough recovery to make leggings. This project goes to the bottom of the current list.

Which is where the lingerie is as well.  The lace I bought recently, the solid I’ve had for YEARS. Again there are fit issues. But baby steps. I haven’t wanted to sew for myself in years.

Front and center is the fabric for this year’s mystery quilt – On Ringo Lake.  I need more neutrals and more aqua/turquoise. I’m not planning on getting through the clues each week, so I have time to gather more fabric.  Why the delay?

This way overdue quilt. After I get through the waistcoat & dress, this becomes my #1 priority except for the day I quilt En Provence. There’s also the green and blue StripTwist I’ve been working on — which is piled on the ironing board, cleaning the sewing room (which really needs to happen before I do anything), the shirting Pineapple Blossom, the borders for Allietare, the new ruler and pattern I bought last month, and of course any of the 30 other quilts I have already started….

Yes, I feel the creativity coming back. Stay tuned.




Stash Report

There’s been virtually no quilting in my studio this past summer and no quilt shop hopping. Well, that changed yesterday. My sister asked me if I wanted to ride with her to Hunters Heirloom Quilting in Centerview and then up to Missouri Star in Hamilton.  I said yes.

At Hunters, the Cascade pattern caught my eye so I picked it up and the ruler to go with it. Although the pattern is FQ friendly, I will work from my stash. I’m considering using my Kansas Trouble fabrics, but time will tell. I also picked up FQs of neutrals since they can always be used.

Then it was off to Missouri Star. I may be the only quilter in the world who does not get excited at the prospect of a trip to Hamilton. I seldom use a single line of a fabric in a quilt  – even when I make a non-scrappy quilt. So if I find an inspiration fabric in the Floral Store (loved those butterflies on turquoise) I can’t pull other fabrics, except what is in the Floral Store to go with it. As a result I leave the fabric there.  But I digress.

Since this was my sisters expedition, we started at the north end of town, skipped Primitives and Batiks, crossed the street. In the main store I finally bought the triangle papers and mini-ruler. All I could remember yesterday is that I didn’t buy the ruler and papers when they were first available since there was so much on my plate, so I couldn’t remember what quilt it was. Turns out it’s the Mini Periwinkle quilt from the first Block magazine. I need 2 more packages of papers. I’ll worry about that after I figure out what fabrics I’m going to use. I also picked few more neutral FQs.

Somewhere along the way it was suggested that the Floral Store might have what my sister was looking for, so we stopped into the Mercantile on the way to Florals where I picked up the shirting charm pack to use as backgrounds on my Star-A-Day quilt, then went to the Floral store.

On the way back to the car, we popped into Primitives since I’m considering Kansas Troubles for the Cascade quilt and I’ll need background fabric. Once we were in the in the store, I couldn’t decide on a background. I did find great black fabric, which happens to be a KTQ fabric, and decide to use for the Cascade quilt with bright prints from my stash. At least that’s how I talked myself into buying the fabric.

By now we’ve done every store except Batiks, so we can’t skip it. That’s where my sister found the last fabric she needed for a quilt she’s working on.

A few weeks ago I also stopped in at The Quilted Sunflower since I was in town to drop off my quilt for the quilt show in Spring Hill. A charm pack and 2 neutral FQs came home with me.

Before I can play with these purchases, there’s a quilt that I need to finish that is way overdue. My goal is to finish it before Thanksgiving so I’ll be ready when the first clue of the Quiltville Mystery quilt is released. But even before I can do that I  have to get through the next few crazy weeks at work.







She Sews!


What’s On my Design Wall


Since I posted about finishing the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch yesterday, there’s not really anything new to report on this week.  I started setting up my sewing machine to work on the Cream & Green Swap blocks, but then discovered I can’t find my thread. I’m using the same thread I used on the D9P, but have no idea where I put it when I collapsed the treadle machine.

See what others are working on over at Patchwork Times.


The Blue Disappearing 9-Patch


Yesterday was gorgeous – sunny, light breeze, 74 degrees – not something you see often in Kansas City in February, but it was perfect for a quilt photoshoot. Ever since we cleared the jungle, I wanted to hang a line to hang quilts on.  It took two tries, as the weight of the quilt caused the first line to sag.


This quilt is made from recycled shirts with the exception of the blue accent squares and binding. Even the back is from recycled shirts.


I started this quilt January 5, 2016, finished the top February 24, 2016, then started working on the backing.  I finished the backing some time in June 2016 — possibly at the quilt retreat I went on.  Then the quilt sat, ageing, until I pulled it out this January and began quilting it on my treadle machine.


The binding was applied and stitched down on my main machine. I also made a pillowcase to go with the quilt using the binding fabric and a shirting that I bought a whole bolt of 10-15 years ago.


This is my first finish for 2017 and is one of my 1st Quarter Finish Along Goals.