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More Trophies


I thought I  had more bowling trophies. I found them this morning when I went to my storage unit to retrieve a couple of chairs I was selling.  And look, the missing plaque! These were boxed back up and put in the car. I dropped them off at the thrift shop this afternoon.

Today I spent most of the day going through boxes of stuff – mostly old school records my husband kept.  I’m rather certain I do not need 20 year old practice records from his former students. I loaded up 5 boxes of paper to haul to the recyling center along with a couple of broken folding chairs.  I’ve also been posting stuff to sell on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.  It’s true — one persons trash is another’s treasure.  This today I sold a couple of sand chairs, a couple of nice chairs Ted and I planning to recover but never got around to doing, and a lawn mower. Additionally, I was able to give away a plotter that I had picked up off of Craigslist a few years ago.

Next month I think I’m going to take some of my smaller stuff to a “Junk in the Trunk” event next month.


Back when I was in high school I bowled and my teams won a few trophies. Excuse the mess behind the trophies. I’ve been cleaning the garage. These are the ones that were up in the attic until last summer when I got a new roof.  I’ve not bowled in years, have no place to display the trophies (or desire), and I’m trying to clean out 33 years of accumulated stuff.  I decided these were going out, so I took a picture of them, and close-ups of the plaques.


According to the note on the box the 5th plaque read  “King Louie West The Bowling Bunch 1981 Champs”. The plaque was not in the box.

I decided I needed to keep one of the trophies. So I kept this one:

“King Louie West” Valentine Jr-Maj Tour. 1981 Champs”.    I cleaned it up and for the moment it’s on the desk in the second bedroom.

Ironically today I saw this posting on Facebook.

I wasn’t part of the Clinton Band, but my husband was.  I’m going to ask my sister-in-law to see if there is a trophy from 1977-1980 and get it for me. Not that I know where I’ll put it either.

Quilting As Opposed to Piecing

This past weekend I took 4 quilt tops out to my sister’s to quilt. Turns out that was a bit ambitious given that it’s been over 8 months since I used the long arm — and I was on my own. My sister was at work.

First up was Carolina Chain.  I took the class from Bonnie Hunter at the Mississippi Quilt Association June Gathering last June. I want to take it FINISHED with me when I take a class in August with her.


I used the panto Overlapping Crop Circles by Urban Elementz and Strawberry  Blond Glide in both the top and the bottom.


At this point I called it quits for the night, choosing not to load the next quilt on the frame in case I didn’t make it back out there.  But I did.  Day 2 was much better.  This is On Ringo Lake. I used the same Strawberry Blond Glide in the top, but Zaffee in the bobbin. The E2E design is Dragonfly Dance by Christy Dillon at mycreativestitches (I resized it to 13″ tall).  There were absolutely no tension issues.  I started loading the quilt around 1:40 and this picture was taken at 7:30.


I considered loading another quilt, but decided, I really should get home, but it’s ready to go another day when my sister’s and my schedules align (she’s not using the machine and I’m off work).  Now, to get these bound and labeled.


It’s been a busy 6 weeks since my last post.  The Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival happened. I was responsible for delivering the Guilds quilt entries, I took 3 classes, took a shift at the guild booth and as a white glove volunteer, before collecting the quilts and seeing they got back to their owners.  There was a tiny bit of shopping at the vendor booths as well.

The following week, my storage unit was broken into.  Ugh!  I doubt I’ll ever know what if anything was taken.  On the other hand the break-in has been the catalyst to get me going through the junk in the unit and the garage.  I hope to clear the unit out — or at least down size significantly over the next few weeks.  I’ve even made some money selling stuff that was just taking up space!

Then the last weekend in June was my husband’s Celebration of Life/Memorial Concert.



Skipping Clues

Yesterday I ran a few errands that took me within shouting distance of Show-Me Quilting, in Raytown, Missouri. Naturally I stopped in. I knew I was running short on the lime greens and oranges for my Good Fortune quilt, and I will need more blues for my Narragansett Blues quilt that I’m making in November.

The oranges were used immediately in Clue #4. Shh! Don’t tell anyone, but I have Halloween fabric in this quilt. Can you spot it?  I did refrain from using the candy corn fabric.

With the completion of Clue #4,  I now have all the pieces for the blocks.  I suppose that is an advantage knowing what the finished quilt looks like.  There are two more piecing clues.  Those pieces are used in the border.  So, instead of going to clue #5, I started on clue # 7.

Clue 7 part 1.

Clue #7 part 2.

I knew I had corner bees in the block, and spotted the two pink fabrics next to each other when I pressed the block.  I did not know I had two of the “wire” pieces in the block. I’m still not ripping it out.

As for skipping Clues #5 & #6?  I need to decide how big I want to make the quilt.

I can’t remember how big En Provence, the 2016 Quiltville Mystery was originally, but I enlarged it to fit on my bed. I recently got a new bed and would like to skip the dust ruffle — it just picks up cat hair – and I like the wide wood planks on the side of the bed.  However the foot of the foundation is exposed which I do not like. When I changed the sheets a couple of days ago, I pulled out En Provence and it is large enough to leave the wood exposed and cover the the foundation.  En Provence was 108″ x 108″ before it was quilted and washed.  Anyway, I am going to make the blocks then circle back to the borders.




Good Fortune Clue # 4 is all about the Orange.  After running errands later this morning (and probably the rain), I’ll see if I can knock these out.


Good Fortune Clue 3 is Done


Clue 3 is done.  Now it’s time for some orange.

Good Fortune Clue 3 Progress


I drew two lines on the back of my neutral squares thinking I’d get better results than I have in the past. Now that I’ve made a bunch, I’m not sure I’ll draw the lines on the rest of the squares.  I found that moving my needle 2 clicks to the right and then letting the corner of the block follow the center line drawn on my machine bed is pretty accurate.  I know I won’t draw the second line for the bonus HST as I can line up the first line of stitching along the right edge of my pressure foot and get good results.

Good Fortune Clue # 3


After I finished Clue # 2, I started Clue # 3 — Half-Chevrons and Bonus HST units.  I’m opting to draw lines on the back of the neutral squares. Not my first choice, but the units are turning out better than when I don’t. I’ll work on them again tonight.


I’m loving the pink, purple, and lime. There is one more color to be added — orange.  I think it’s in clue # 4.

Oh – and for those wondering, this is the 2018 Quiltville Mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  She offers a free mystery quilt pattern that runs from Friday after Thanksgiving to early January. The pattern is no longer available free, but it is available to purchase as a download HERE.


I Thought It Was April Showers

It rained most of the day Saturday and it was raining again this afternoon.  Storming is probably a better description.  There was enough lighting and thunder that I was surprised Gracie did not hide under the bed.  Of course it’s not as good a hiding place since I took off the dust ruffle. Anyway, she kept me company while I worked on Clue #2 of Good Fortune.

I’ve got about 80% of them done.  I also have Clue # 3 cut out.  So, the quilt top is coming along.