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A week’s vacation where we stayed at home and I managed to get 10 very large 9-patches made, but not pressed.  That’s all on the quilting front. I didn’t even get any squares for the quilt back cut. Needless to say, I didn’t bother with a stash report yesterday — nothing in nothing out.

So what did I get done?  The house is clean. The laundry is nearly caught up. I fed a crew of 10 Saturday before last and 11 this past Saturday and ALL of the brush is hauled off!

My husband has spent the last two summers working on the back yard, reclaiming it from the jungle it had become.  This summer alone we hauled off 7 loads – a F250 with a 5′ x 8′ flatbed trailer – of brush.  Now we get to work on rebuilding it.  Primarily seeding it so it is easier to care for. You should be able to click on the picture below to see the yard before and after.



I hope this week to get back to the sewing machine.  I have a quilt to finish, backings to make and quilts to quilt!

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5 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. Congratulations Pam and husband. Looked at picture of yard and what a beautiful job !

  2. Making another D9P with those 9-patches, I presume. The yard taming looks good. Glad you got a good crew to come and help haul off the brush.

  3. Such a difference! It looks lovely. I too have been trying to take back my outdoor space. Since my arthritis is what cause the decline in the first place, I’m paying some neighborhood young med to take care of it. Little steps.

  4. swooze on August 3, 2015 at 12:55 pm said:

    Wow its looking great!

  5. Sometimes other things do take priority over our quilting. Your new yard looks gorgeous. Hopefully it will be easy to keep up.

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