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What’s On My Design Wall


I am very happy to have March behind me. Too much work and not enough time relaxing at the sewing machine, let alone to blog. My day job had me up at 12:50 AM Sunday morning and again at 6:45 AM, so late Saturday night I decided to work on something for me – or at least of my choosing.  I pulled out the project box and pressed fabrics for Alletore to see about making progress on it. The only problem was the HST units I had completed (about 100 of them) were not in the box. Neither were the pieces I had cut — and I had cut all of clue 1 and clue 2 before I set the project aside to finish up the Christmas gifts.

Then I finally noticed a salad box on another shelf. It contained the missing pieces.


So, yesterday while waiting for stuff to happen at work, I stitched a few more HST Units. I used my new Bloc-Loc ruler to trim them. I must say they look pretty good. Progress was also made on the Tumbler quilt. I’m now stitching groups of 4s into groups of 8.

As far as how I like the Bloc-Loc ruler, I think I like it, especially now that I have Invisi-Grip on it.

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3 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. cathy on April 4, 2016 at 11:16 am said:

    Good to hear from you Pam! Hope you’re able to make retreat this year, I won’t I’m fostering too many dogs.

  2. Good thing to find your Allitare’ parts. I saw a bunch of Bonnie Mysteries at our Quilt Show. I’ll be posting some of them later this week. It’s always fun to see the different colorways. I love my Tucker Trimmers.

  3. I must try the Invisi grip on my Bloc Loc, they slip a bit when trimming. Hmm, I have a bunch of tumblers sitting somewhere that could be sewn up…

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