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Another SBS Block

F-10 Aunt Sukey’s Choice

This is another block I’m making for the SBS Swap. This one goes into my quilt. Tonight I’ll dig through the stash to see if I can find enough fabric, but then I think I’m going to work on something else. A week of 30’s reproductions and small blocks is about all I can stand at a time. Or maybe it’s that I want to see significant progress.

I think I’m in need of some mindless piecing about now. Who knows what that means I’ll be working on next.

Now isn’t this cool. I was playing with Picasa and think I’ve stumbled across my sashing color. Lavender. What do you think?

One Thought on “Another SBS Block

  1. I have just started on my first SBS and will wait and see if I make one out of 30's. My quilt buddy has said she wants to make more than one SBS quilt so I'll probably do it right along with her. Thanks for sharing your color choices. I like the blocks done in 30's looking on your BLOG!

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