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Color Values – or is it Hues

After a week of 6” blocks, I decided I needed something larger, so I’m making 12” star blocks to go with the Pennsylvania blocks I received in a birthday swap. I put the first three up on the wall and stood back. Believe it or not, there is a different pair of yellow and blue fabrics in each block, but from a distance they all look alike. I need more contrast in the color values unless it’s hue. I can’t remember which, but I do know that if my “scraps” are so close in color/tone/value/hue I can’t tell them apart from a distance, then I might as well use just one fabric — not that I have enough of any single yellow or blue to make 20 blocks.

So an experiment was in order. Would you believe my folded FQs can stick to my design wall? Ok, I’m not certain any one of the fabrics is a full FQ, but still. But on to my experiment.

I pulled yellow FQs from my stash, threw them up on the wall and took a picture. Then I turned on grayscale. I think I’ve got enough variation when I look at ALL of the yellows. Now I’ll have to do the same think with my blues.

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