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What’s on My Design Wall



Don’t look now, but Star-A-Day # 112 & #113 have been completed.  For those keeping score at home, I will not have the top done by August 31st/Sept 10th. I would have to make 3 1/2 stars a day and I don’t see that happening. But, I might get it in gear and get a few more stars done this month.

As for my design wall, nothing has changed — except 2 DP9 blocks have fallen off the wall.  I have the next set of 13 9-patches stitched into rows, but have not managed to sew them into blocks yet. Perhaps this week.

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What’s On My Design Wall


This past week I worked on two projects. The blocks at the top are for Sew Scrappy using my Kansas Troubles fabrics. There are another 20 of the blocks like the one at the bottom of the design wall which need the sashing and cornerstone added, then it will be time to make those 25-patches and get them sashed.

But Saturday evening I decided I needed something a bit more mindless to work on, so I pulled out the red Disappearing 9-patch. This is about 1/4 of the blocks, so they are not in the final order. Given the size of my design wall, I guess I’m going to have to work on this quilt in quarters. The quilt will be 11 blocks wide and I can only get 8 up on the wall.

Finally, I’ve been debating whether or not to join the 2015 Leader & Ender Challenge – Tumblers. I have a L&E project – my postage stamp quilt and I have plenty of pieces currently cut so I really don’t need a new project.  However, aren’t these so cute? Maybe if I can find a quick and accurate way to cut them – preferably without buying a template.



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What’s On My Design Wall


Well, actually, this was on the design wall at the retreat Friday night. It’s the small of the Disappearing 9-Patches. It does lay flat, but we here having trouble reaching high enough to pin it to the wall and it’s over the iron cord (It was only on the wall long enough to take the picture).

Now on my design wall here at home, I’ve put up the completed blocks from Sew Scrappy – an Evelyn Sloppy design from her 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts book.

sewscrappy blocks dw0608

This was the other quilt I worked on over the weekend. It doesn’t look like much, but I have lots of parts assembled – the modified flying geese were done previously.

sewscrappy pieces

This UFO has been hanging around for two years, but I want to finish it this year – hopefully get the top done this month and have it ready for quilting.

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What’s On My Design Wall


I sometimes wonder what triggers my productivity. I started this quilt in April 2013. The flying geese like units I managed to knock out “quickly” and I started in on the 9-patches. I even took it to a quilt retreat that summer, but I can find no mention of me working on it since then until last week – although it’s been on the list of UFOs to finish for both 2014 and 2015.

Anyway, last week something was triggered and I’ve spent my sewing time working on the quilt top. It’s a similar feeling to when I finally was able to knock out Orca Bay – only this time, I’ve known all along who I’m giving the quilt to.

So, what have I accomplished. #1 figuring out where I left off.  #2 sewing and cutting all of the strip sets for the 9-patches. Now I’m working on the strip sets for the 25-patches. I get up and press after I sew 10 strips. Hopefully this will keep me from getting stiff and it allows me to stitch another leader/ender. For the moment I’m using another part of the quilt as my leader/ender



Perhaps next week I’ll have a quilt top to show.

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What’s On My Design Wall


My design wall hasn’t seen anything since I finished Eye Fooler. I’ve spent the past week cutting fabrics for not one, but 3 Disappearing 9-Patch quilts to work on at an upcoming retreat. I am happy to say that I’ve finished the cutting — that is the cutting before I start sewing. There’s more cutting after I sew a bit.

My shirt boxes were stuffed to the point there was absolutely no room for another cuff, let alone another shirt. Now that I’ve finished cutting my squares, I have half a box empty — out of 8.

dw0525-1There are three things left on my quilting list for May:

  • Figure out where I left off on Sew Scrappy
  • Figure out what I’m taking to the retreat besides DP9s
  • Trace off some stars for the now ‘Star Every 3rd Day’ quilt.

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What’s On My Design Wall

Last week there were big finishes.  First was Eye Fooler — at about 4:00 AM Saturday morning. Nothing like finishing with only hours to spare.


A full picture of the quilt can be seen in Saturday’s post.

The second finish is Orca Bay.  The binding is stitched down and now I need to get it washed, photographed and shipped off.



So what’s next?  Catching up on laundry and deep cleaning the kitchen. Along the way,  I need to put up the extra fabric from the quilts – I’ve already taken care of the backing and batting, but I need to put up the brights from Eye Fooler. After I get that done, I’ll start cutting the recycled shirts for my nephews’ quilts. Now if I can find the note card which tells me how many squares I need to cut….

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What’s On My Design Wall


No, it’s not a quilt, but it is fabric that I bought last week.


My husband stopped at a garage sale on his way home from the dentist a couple of weeks ago.  He bought two swivel bar stools which needed a bit of TLC. (I forgot to take a picture until we started working on them.)  This is one was the ‘good’ one.

With a little bit of elbow grease and $6 of vinyl we now have two good-looking bar stools.  Now to figure out where to put them.  He’s decided not to use them where he original intended.

Just a few more seams left on Eye Fooler.  I’ve got to stay home and stop running around.  It interferes with my quilting.gradquilt-dw0511

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What’s On My Design Wall


I had great plans to finish Eye Fooler for today’s design wall, but I didn’t quite get there.

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What’s On My Design Wall


It’s still the graduation quilt Eye Fooler. I’ve cut into the border fabric and have a few blocks made. I need to finish cutting the black fabric for the rest of the triangle in a square units so I can finish the partial blocks on the wall. Then it will be time for the rest of the alternate blocks, a pieced border to finish out the pattern and finally a narrowish (3 -4″) outer border in gold.

My goal — to finish the piecing by the end of the month.

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What’s On My Design Wall


I’m sure this doesn’t look like I’ve gotten anything done this past week and there is some truth to that.  However, I did get the alternate blocks sorted out and they are sitting by my sewing table ready for me to stitch together.


Each block was taken off the wall and laid out the way it is supposed to go together with  sheet of paper between them.  I hope this allows me to get the blocks back up on the wall in a short order. Of course it might be quicker if I actually sat at my sewing machine and sewed!

I’ve decided to attempt to do a bit of gardening this year to see if I can grow a few vegetables. This past week I spent much of my ‘quilting time’ reading up on container gardening and deciding what I wanted to attempt to grow.  Saturday I worked for a couple of hours in the morning, then started gathering my supplies.



I’ve started working on my first container. This one will get one of the tomato plants. It’s beginning to look like many of our home improvement projects — with multiple trips to the hardware store.  I hope it’s just one more stop before I can actually start to plant. So far there have been three — if I you don’t count the ones where I was looking before I started to implement the project.

With any luck, I’ll be back to the sewing machine before the end of the week.  May 16th will be here before I know it.

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