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What’s On My Design Wall



I thought I would use this last Design Wall Monday post of 2015 to recap the projects that I’ve worked on this year. The pictures above are all of the quilts and a couple of groups of pillowcases not associated with quilts that I finished this year.

In addition to completely finishing the quilts pictured, I reworked and/or assembled the following tops.


My leader/ender project for the year started with the postage stamp quilt, which is nowhere near complete, then in July, I started the Tumblers, which also has a way to go. My hand project – Star-A-Day I kept up with through March. I have 113 stars, so I’m about 1/3 of the way to completion.

Additionally, I started Allietare, the Bonnie Hunter Mystery, although I’ve not gotten very far on it.

I worked a bit on the Green & Cream Swap Quilt. I’m afraid I handed out an IOU for a UFO for Christmas. It will be the first quilt I complete in 2016 — right after I get my machine back from getting cleaned. It’s developed a squeak that I don’t like.


But before I take it in, I will finish one last quilt. I still have a bit of repair work on the 4-Patch Stacked Posies.

I didn’t get everything done on my Crazy Challenge II list, but I didn’t miss it by much. After all the original challenge was 12 quilts in 4 months, then the list grew. 🙂

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What’s On My Design Wall


RedDp9The design wall proper is empty, but the Crazy Challenge II is progressing. The Red Disappearing 9-Patch is done. It just needs washing and photographing.  I’ll wash it as soon as I get the pillowcase made.



The hardware quilt is done. I’m so glad I couldn’t find the extra backing fabric. I love the pop of red. I need to get this quilt labeled and it will go into the wash when I finish the pillowcase. BTW I finally found the extra backing fabric. I had decided it was too dark for the neutral box and not dark enough for the brown box and it ended up in the yellow and Halloween box.



This Black and Pink 4-Patch Stacked Posies quilt is a hug quilt. I need to finish cleaning up the threads, make the label and finish the pillowcase, then it will go in the wash.  I think Butterscotch is trying to tell me something. I know I’ve stopped for the night. The pillowcases will be finished up this evening.


I re-evaluated and realized I needed two more pillowcases for a total 7 not associated with quilts. These are cut to size, but before I can put them together, the inside of the cuff will get a label and I need to make two more labels. Maybe Tuesday?

So, what’s left?



That lime green needs to be made into a backing for the Black and Bright quilt. The quilt needs to be put on the zippers and I have to figure out how I’m going to quilt it on Saturday. That’s got to be Wednesday’s project.

The Cream and Green hanging to the shelves and under the lime green needs to be finished, as does the Compass Lone Star on top. They will need labels and pillowcases of course. I think these two will be necessity get pushed to next week.

And the mystery quilt?  I think I printed off the instructions and put them with the fabric — but at this point, I’m not sure. But clearly there is no more work on it until after the first of the year, and possibly not until February. I’ve been given two commissions for quilts which need to be done in January.

If you don’t hear from me, you’ll know why. I’m buried under quilts!

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What’s On My Design Wall



This past week has gone by in a blur – lots of errands and not much time at the sewing machine. The good news is I have finally finished the quilting on the Red Disappearing 9-Patch and I have the binding cut. This means I now have two quilts to bind as the Hardware Quilt still needs binding — and I don’t have those strips cut.


While I had the cutting board cleared, I made one set of clue 2 of the mystery quilt. I started with just a single headless goose, using the Companion Angle ruler, which came out OK. But then apparently the next 3 I cut wrong as they almost have their head. I finished up the set using squares and the stitch and flip method – which I think I’ll use going forward.

Looking at this week, I have 2 evenings of activities which will limit my quilting time, so I doubt I’ll get much done on the mystery – I’ll have to focus on getting the Crazy Challenge quilts done.

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What’s On My Design Wall

MQ-1This morning I have a little bit of several things in the works. I started Allietare, the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt — because clearly I don’t have anything to work on — 😉  Although I had all of clue 1 cut out, I only got 1/3 of them made since I got a chance to use the long arm.


This is the Hardware quilt which I quilted on Saturday. It still needs binding which is on my list for this week.



The Red Disappearing 9-Patch is maybe 1/3 quilted – I set it aside – I thought briefly – to work on Allietare and I haven’t gotten back to it. It too is also on my list for this week.

Hopefully I can get these two quilts finished up by midweek so I have plenty of time to finish up the rest of the Crazy Challenge II quilts.

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Sew Scrappy Challenge Quilt – Week 7



Last month I said that on Tuesdays until Thanksgiving I am working on my Sew Scrappy quilt as part of Jo’s “finish a UFO before Bonnie’s mystery quilt starts challenge”. Sew Scrappy is from Evelyn Sloppy’s book 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts. I don’t think I have any Bonnie Hunter quilts in pieces, but I want/need to finish this one and I’ve been stalling for 3 years.  Monday I got it washed and hung to take a picture. These days it is too late to take pictures outside after work, so I hung it on my shelves. It has also been delivered.

The quilt measures 69″ x 83″ after washing.  All of the fabric is Kansas Troubles, including those really light pieces.  As I was working on the quilt, I’d pick up a light piece then go check the selvage to make sure it really was KT fabric.

The batting is Hobb’s 100% Cotton Tuscany and I used Cairo-quilt in Military Gold thread in both the top and the bottom.  It blends so well, I had a hard time telling where I had quilted! There was one spot that I added a bit of quilting to after I got home.



The quilting was done free-hand – just a loopy flower that I do. The picture above is before I washed the quilt, the one below, after.


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I nearly forgot.  Yes, there is a pillowcase to go with it.



What’s On My Design Wall



I am happy to report that Sew Scrappy is quilted! It’s amazing what can get done if you stay focused. I found out Tuesday or Wednesday that I would be able to use the longarm Saturday afternoon, so I scrambled to finish up the quilt top — then changed my mind about simply binding it, opting for a 3 1/2″ red border. Then the challenge was to get a backing ready.

I cut 9″ squares from my FQ (they had already been chopped into) and used a length of fabric given to me by a friend. But changing horses in the middle of the stream, I decided I needed a bit of the backing fabric for a matching pillowcase, so I pulled the blue fabric in to get the backing large enough.



Here’s a look at the quilting from the back.


Now to get the binding on the quilt.

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What’s On My Design Wall



Sew Scrappy, from Evelyn Sloppy’s book 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts is what I’ve been working on the past couple of days. What can I say? I really didn’t want to swap out my walking foot again. I still have a few of the really light lights clumped together, but I don’t know that I’m going to worry about trying to spread them out. It looks much better than it did last week.

I hope to get the top together today or tomorrow, then it will be back to the Green & Cream Swap blocks. Although something was said about cleaning the front gutters…

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What’s On My Design Wall



With the finishes Saturday, it’s time to pull the next quilt out that’s on my Crazy Challenge II list. It’s the Green and Cream Swap Blocks that I’m doing Quilt As You Go. Two of the 5 rows were done when I put it away a while back.



These are the blocks for the next row — the blocks were quilted, but I needed to quilt the sashings & cornerstones.


This is the rest of the quilt.

Here’s this month’s to-do list:

  • Finish Red Disappearing 9-Patch
  • Finish Green & Cream Swap
  • Complete Sew Scrappy Top
  • Pillowcases for Green Disappearing 9-Patch, Red Disappearing 9-Patch, Nifty Thrifty, Green & Cream Swap
  • Make backing for Hardware
  • Prep Black & Bright Swap: Make batting, backing, figure out quilting design, attach to zippers

Bonus: 10 more pillowcases; Progress on Compass Lone Star, prep/quilt Sew Scrappy, prep/quilt Hardware

Oh — and just for fun I looked to see if I have enough fabric for Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt, Allietare.



Looks like I do. The turquoise fabric is because I didn’t think I had a length of gray in my stash and was going to need to pick new colors.

I best get a move on it if I’m thinking about doing the mystery quilt. I have a long to-do list before the end of the year.

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What’s On My Design Wall



Left to Right:

  • Green Disappearing 9-Patch that needs binding
  • Aiming for Accuracy ready to be quilted
  • Orange Crush ready to be quilted

It’s going to be a long day – I’ve booked 6 hours on the long arm to get these quilts quilted.

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What’s on My Design Wall


My sewing area looks like a quilt factory exploded in it. So, I’ve carefully curated the photos I’m about to show. This is Aiming for Accuracy. The batting is cut to length and the top and backing are pinned to the zippers. The plan is to quilt it next Monday.


On the ironing board is the backing for the Green Disappearing 9-Patch. It’s been folded up for a couple of weeks, so I pressed it. There are 2 lengths of batting sitting on top – one for the Green D9P and the other is for the Red D9P. It is my hope that I get both quilts basted tomorrow evening so I can start quilting later this week. The backing for the Red D9P is still pinned to the shelves.


On the design wall proper are blocks for Sew Scrappy. This is the picture from last week as it’s a disaster area in front of the design wall.


I’ve got a busy week ahead of me quilt wise – basting quilts Monday, work on Sew Scrappy Tuesday, prep Orange Crush for quilting Wednesday and quilt the DP9 quilts afterwards.

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