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SBS Block Due 10/18

K8 – Grandmother’s Fan

I am not a big template fan — as in draw around a template and cut it out with scissors. However, sometimes it can’t be helped and this is one of those times. Fortunately I have EQ6 and was able to draw this block and print out the templates. I suppose I could copy them out of the book, but I don’t know if I could get the book to lay flat enough in my scanner, and I haven’t taken it to the office place to get a spiral binding.

Anyway, I’m pleased with the way this block turned out. After working on the DWR, I didn’t have any problems with these curves.

SBS Block Due 9/6

J3 – Farmer’s Daughter

I’m cutting it close this week. Paper piecing is not something I necessarily enjoy, but it sure comes in handy when working with odd shapes. I drew the block in EQ6 and printed it off on Monday. Tonight I finally pulled it out to work on.

Kansas Spirit BOM

Here’s the quilt top I was working on all weekend and which was on my design wall in pieces yesterday. The last border was added to the quilt about 6 this evening which gave me just enough time to do a quick photo session and get to the shop before it closed. (I promise the quilt is ‘square’ and really doesn’t have lumps. It was the flannel behind the quilt and the hangers making it hang weird.)

The pieced blocks are from the book Kansas Spirit, by Jeanne Poore. Connie at Heritage picked out 12 of the 15 blocks to use as a Block of the Month and she choose to use a variety of Kansas Troubles fabrics to use for the blocks. Tomorrow participants are picking up the Courthouse Steps and then there are two more blocks.

This layout is not in the book, but rather one I pulled together. This will be the choice for the smaller of the two quilts (approx. 65 x 83). I’ve got about half of the instructions written for this layout. There will be a larger choice finishing at approximately 89 x 108 which I still have to write. I’ve got it drawn in EQ.

SBS Block Due 8/9

L-1 Friendship Quilt

This is a simple enough block, but the stripe units are supposed to be cut 1 3/16″ wide. I figured my cutting wouldn’t be accurate, so I pulled up the block in EQ and paper pieced it.