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Carol Van Liere Craft – Feb 18, 1949 – Mar 8, 2010

My momma passed away Monday evening in her sleep at Kansas City Hospice House. This photo collage doesn’t begin to show her complete life, but it’s the pictures I have on my computer.

I love her and I will miss her, but I know she’s no longer in pain.

Funeral Information.

Facebook Tribute by my husband.

When Music and Quilting Collide…

…around here you get an original piano composition by my husband which is illustrated by some of my quilts and quilt tops.

My DH is a instrumental music teacher. For the past 10 years he taught beginning 5th & 6th graders string and band instruments. Prior to that he taught at the high school level. Additionally, he has been a member of the Overland Park Civic Band and other ensembles.

To hear some of more of his original compositions or to hear some of his groups perform click here.

Waiting is Over

DH came out of the procedure with basically a clean bill of heath. Apparently the test Monday was a “false positve”. What a relief.

I didn’t get much done on the snowmen. Dad’s left arm, chest, neck and a bit of the face. It’s exhausting sitting around waiting and the surgery was running about 2 hours late. While the procedure was done, I ran down to the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat and then read few pages in my book, before the doctor was telling me the results. Then we waiting and catnapped until it was time to come home.


So what does this redwork pic have to do with the title of this post? Well, when I’m waiting, in doctor’s offices, for concerts or musicals to start, or for us to get somewhere (long drives), I work on my redwork snowmen.

There were no plans to work on this project this month, however a trip to the doctor’s office changed all that.

My DH is having a cardiac catheterization later this morning. So, I while I’m waiting for him to come out of surgery, I will do some stitching to try and keep from worrying.

Everyone reacts differently when a loved one is in the hospital or in surgery. The last time DH had surgery I was working in the hospital computer department. My choices were to sit in a hard chair in an empty room and watch TV, or do something. I chose the latter. The nurses all had my pager number, and they let me use a small office to participate in a conference call that was on my schedule (my choice — not my employer’s). Then I wandered off to the medical records department to check on a software install we were doing — again my choice. Now admittedly, I couldn’t stay focused on any of these tasks, but it kept me from actively worrying.

Today in my bag of tricks, I’ve got the redwork, a book to read and my husband’s netbook. Although I still work with hospitals and computers, I don’t work for the hospital — so there will be no running around working to keep me occupied. Of course this procedure won’t take near as long, so I won’t need to keep myself distracted as long.

SBS Swap Block #2

Here’s the first block of the second set I’m making for the SBS Swap. It’s F10 – Aunt Sukey’s Choice.

I still need to make the flying geese for the rest of these blocks, but I’ve been called away to assist with swim suit design. I’ll enjoy the time I spend with my mom this afternoon, but I’m not looking forward to the designing. She promised me she’ll have the cutting board cleared by the time I get there. So I best get a move on it.