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September Recap / October Goals

September was a very productive month for me. Crazy Challenge II seems to have gotten me going.

Over the month I pieced 3 quilt backs. They are for the Green Disappearing 9-Patch, Aiming for Accuracy, and Nifty Thrifty.


Seven pillowcases were made – I still need to make the one to go with Nifty Thrifty.

Sept_CasesAnd I finished 4 quilts – Out of the Blue, the Orange Disappearing 9-Patch, Nifty Thrifty and Diamond Links.



For the block count over at Prairie Moon Quilts, I’m counting 20 blocks which went into the Aiming for Accuracy backing. That brings my block total for the year to 584.

UFO Busting 2015

Now for the UFO Busting Report. I’ve dropped below 60 UFOs!

  • Projects In Process September 1 – 63
  • Projects Completed – 5 (I’m counting the extra pillowcases I sent w/Out of the Blue as a project)
  • New Projects started – 1
  • UFOs re-purposed – 0
  • Projects in Process September 30 – 59

So, what’s on tap for October?

  • Piece the last shirting back
  • Complete SBS swap block quilt
  • Complete Orange Crush*
  • Complete Aiming for Accuracy*
  • Complete at least one Disappearing 9-Patch

Bonus: Complete Sew Scrappy top, 2nd Disappearing 9-Patch, Compass Lone Star or Green & Cream Swap

*The Pink & Brown quilt and the Black & White Strip Twist might be substituted if they are needed in early November, pushing the listed two quilts out to November.

What’s On My Design Wall



Over the weekend I finished cutting the shirt squares. Then I started stitching them into quilt backs. The one pictured above will go with the Orange Disappearing 9-Patch. Pictured below is half of the backing for one of the other Disappearing 9-Patch quilts.


In the bottom left corner is the stack of quilt tops which I’m planning on quilting. I hope to get all of these backs knocked out this week, then I’ll start a marathon quilting session. I’ve got a 4-day weekend coming up.

Hop over to Patchwork Times to see what others are working on.

June Recap / July and 3rd Quarter Goals

I may not have sat at the sewing machine much in June, but I made the most of the time I had at the machine.

The smaller of the three Disappearing 9-Patches became a top:


About 1/3 of the second DP9 blocks are made and 22 of the Sew Scrappy Blocks are done:


3 Star-A-Day Blocks were made:


That’s 165 blocks for the Prairie Moon Quilts 350 Block Project.

There is nothing to report on for the UFO Parade, but others had finishes in June.

So what’s on the agenda for July and the 3rd Quarter?  Well, more than I realistically can get done even if we weren’t still working in the backyard, aka “The Jungle”.

On deck are the following.

  • Finish the red DP9. What’s not on the design wall is sitting here next to the sewing machine.
  • The Green DP9 is currently my travel project — not that I have lots of plans for traveling.greendp9
  • Finish the Sew Scrappy top. All that is left is the rest of these blocks. I need 38 more, then I can start assembling the quilt top.
  • sewcrappy2I would like to get Diamond Links finished.  The last couple of rows and the borders need quilting.DiamondLinks
  • Finally, in July I’d like to get more stars made for the Star-A-Day quilt.

The rest of the 3rd Quarter goals for the 2015 Finish-A-Long include new projects (shh! I’m supposed to be working on my UFOs.)

newprojects Squedge Ruler project, “August A”, the Hardware quilt and a Triangle Frenzy table runner.

UFOs are on my list. These tops need borders, more blocks, or setting together (the orange and purple is Orca Bay and it was finished in May!)


Candy Sunflower Seeds, Star-A-Day , String HST, Sister Swap Blocks, Alphabet BOM

And last, but not least there are quilts that are partially quilted.


Cream & Green swap, Whitework, Hancock Star BOM, a quilted sweatshirt & the Compass Lone Star

Along the way I’ll be working on the new Bonnie Hunter Leader/Ender Challenge – Tumblers.  I’ve already started by cutting a tumblers from my 2-1/2″ shirt strips that were previously designated at “Rectangle Wrangler” so this does not add to my UFO count.


Well, I’m off to stitch a few DP9 blocks to say I’ve sat at my sewing machine today.

May’s Progress / June’s Goals

Here it is the first of June and time to check on my quilting goals. Except for the Star-A-Day (my husband is calling Star-A-Week) I got everything done.

  • Finish the graduation quilt by the 16th – Donegradquiltdone-top-tweak
  • Finish Orca Bay – Doneorcabaydone2
  • Trace and cut stars for the Star-Every-Other-Day Quilt (I’m not even certain I can pull that off – we’ll have to see) – Didn’t touch!
  • Regroup on Sew Scrappy – Donesewscrappy-cut
  • Cut squares from my recycled shirts and associated solids for 3 different Disappearing 9-patches in preparation for the Retreat. – Donedw0525-2

Finishing Eye Fooler allowed me to add to my Block Count over at Prairie Moon Quilts.

  • 350 Block Report: 27 for a total of 151 – ahead of the year to date goal of 140

The UFO Busting Report with these finishes and starts looks like this:

  • # of Projects in Process May 1st: 63
  • # of Projects Completed: 2 (Orca Bay & Eye Fooler)
  • # of new Projects started: 3 (3 DP9)
  • # of projects declared orphans 1 (2011 BOM)
  • # of Projects in Process May 31th: 63

So, what’s up for June?

  • Complete the 3 Disappearing 9-patch tops
  • Complete the Sew Scrappy top
  • Finish Diamond Links
  • Make progress on the Star-A-Day quilt

Will I get everything done or get diverted by another project? Only time will tell.

April’s Progress / May’s Goals

I hoped to have a picture of the finished graduation quilt top for today’ post, but I went backing shopping and came home with BRIGHT ORANGE fabric which will not go on the graduation quilt. It’s getting a dusty black.  So, between now and next Thursday, I need to finish the top, pin it and the backing to the zippers, figure out how I’m going to quilt it and decide on a thread color.

Orca Bay is not quilted either. But I know what thread color I’m going to use (purple on the top, orange on the bottom) and have the backing fabric.  I just need to decide how I’m going to quilt it, make the backing, and pin it to the zippers by the Wednesday after I quilt the graduation quilt.

The third thing I wanted to do in April was make 30 stars for my Star-A-Day quilt. That didn’t happen either. In fact, no stars were made in April.

What did I accomplish? 35 blocks towards the graduation quilt; 2 blocks toward my postage stamp quilt; cut 1-1/2″ charms for the PSQ swap; planted a container vegetable garden (cucumbers & spinach or carrots popped through the dirt today to go with the lettuce from earlier in the week); cleared out a bit of “junk” via Craigslist and Ebay (who knew the price of a vintage ashtray would be more than a few bucks?) ; and worked part of 3 weekends.

  • UFO Busting Report
    • # of Projects in Process April 1st: 63
    • # of Projects Completed: 0
    • # of new Projects started: 0
    • # of Projects in Process April 30th: 63

So, what’s up for May?

  • Finish the graduation quilt by the 16th
  • Finish Orca Bay
  • Trace and cut stars for the Star-Every-Other-Day Quilt (I’m not even certain I can pull that off – we’ll have to see)
  • Regroup on Sew Scrappy – I want to know where I am and what’s left to be done when I go to Retreat in June.
  • Cut squares from my recycled shirts and associated solids for 3 different Disappearing 9-patches in preparation for the Retreat.

In between all of this, I’m attending my niece senior presentation, working one weekend, going to her graduation, babysitting my garden and of course continuing to work full time (I’m taking 2  afternoons off to rent time on the longarm). I probably need to fit in laundry and cooking as well.

I promise to find a picture of something for my next blog post.  Thanks for reading this far.

Quilting Goals for April and 2nd Quarter 2015

By now I’m sure you realize I dream big and set out to finish more than I can possibly finish. Fortunately, it doesn’t bother me. Eventually I’ll get tired of seeing something on the list and either get it done or take it off and replace it with something else that may or may not get done. So here is my list of quilting goals for April.

#1 – At a minimum, finish the graduation quilt top. Graduation is May 16th!

#2 – At a minimum, finish 30 stars of the Star-A-Day quilt. Unless I catch up, I’m going to need to rename this quilt to Star-Every-Other-Day as I only have 111 done and I should be sitting at 212. (This is an old picture)star-a-dayDW0316

#3 – Quilt & bind Orca Bay. The top is done, I have the backing and batting so what am I waiting for?


If I would just stop there, I might get it all done – even if I am working every weekend except Easter weekend this month.  But I also want to use this post for the 2nd Quarter Finish Along hosted by Adrianne at On the Windy Side. Then there is my personal challenge of trying to get everything started earlier than 2007 done (by the end of the year), but at the same time hopefully get a couple of newer quilts finished as well.  Even though the rest of this post covers three months, it is still unrealistic, but I like options.

These are the projects I’m leaning toward taking to the quilt retreat in June. A couple of PIGs and newer quilts have slipped into the mix. Of course I may change my mind half a dozen times before I get that far.


Sweatshirt jacket, Hardware, String HST wall hanging/doll quilt, August 2013 Quilt A, Sew Scrappy and Candy Sunflower Seeds.

If I’m ‘saving’ these for June, then I need something to work on in May.  How about these partially quilted quilts.


Green & Cream Swap, Hancock Stars BOM, Compass Lone Star, Diamond Links (pic from before I started the quilting)

If I decide I simply need to QUILT something, these are tops are waiting in the wings and I have batting and batting for.


Christmas Crazy 8s, Scrappy Hearts, Yellow Thangles, Christmas BOM and Stack-n-Whack (which might not have a backing now that I think about it, but the age is right.)

Then there are the two blocks sets I’d like to get made into quilts.


Sisters Swap from 2005 & Alphabet BOM which was finished earlier this year

Finally, there is the hand quilted whitework piece that is from 2005.  I might not have enough handwork to do with just the Stars 😉 (That’s Diet Dr Pepper, not rust stains.)


So there you have it. My completely unrealistic goals for the April – June.  I’ll be happy to get 3 projects done, but I always like to have options.

All of March’s Quilting Goals Met

Ha! April Fools!

I started to title this post “No More UFOs”, but I know no one would have believed that. Meeting all my quilting goals on the other hand, might have happened, but didn’t. I simply couldn’t get motivated to do what I set out to do at the beginning of the month. That is not to say I didn’t accomplish a few things on my list and several more that were not.

  • 19 Star-a-Day Blocks – goal at least 31 blocksdw0323
  • 17 of the Eye Fooler/Graduation Quilt Blocks – goal the center of the quilt topgradquilt-4wall
  • Pieced most of the rest of the units (I found green HST that need to be made!)gradquilt0331
  • Got the blanket binding on this pre-quilted panel that had been sitting around for 3 monthsbear
  • Sorted through one of the scrap boxes, emptying it, only to toss the neutral and browns back in it to clear the ironing board. The scraps on the left need to be cleaned up for my pre-cut boxes and the ones on the right are for my Star-A-Day quilt.sortedscraps
  • Combined two partial sets of RWB blocks into two quilt topssampler pair
  • Took one large quilt top and made it into two smaller topsStarStruck Pair
  • Took another not quite finished top and made it into a smaller topblueridgeevolution

I’ll reset my goals and see what I can get done in April.

What’s On My Design Wall

Yesterday I put my Star-A-Day blocks up on the wall just so it wouldn’t be empty this week. Not that I didn’t work on other things last week (Scrappy Trips and “matching” pillowcase). Since the first of the month I’ve completed 8 new stars. I think I need to kick it in gear since I would like to make about 45 this month.


On the ironing board is Jared Takes A Wife.  I’m off to quilt it later this morning.


The Christmas BOM is the big news.  Saturday I got the borders on the quilt!  I’ve found the backing fabric in my stash.  Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to quilt it and what color thread to use. Needless to say, this quilt top is going to have to age a bit.


See what others have been up to by following the links over at Patchwork Times.

2015 Finish-Along


I’ve hemmed and hawed about whether or not I was going to join this year’s Finish-Along. I find that I list projects A, B & C, but then end up finishing projects X, Y & Z or start and finish something brand new. So, with this in mind, I’ve gone through my list of UFOs and have picked three that I think are realistic finishes (i.e. have deadlines separate from this year’s Finish-Along) and then put together a list of dream projects from my UFO list.

Here are the realistic projects for 1st Quarter (January – March).



  • Scrappy Trips – I want this done by mid-February
  • Jared Takes a Wife – also done by mid-February
  • Thangles BOM – I was looking for a quick 3rd project that could be finished and was started prior to 2007

Now for the Dream Projects:  Most of these are on the list because they were started prior to 2007 (my focus this year), the others have some other reason I would like to at least move them forward and if I’m lucky get them finished this year.



  • Christmas BOM – 2003 – My oldest UFO. I ordered border fabric earlier this week and already have the backing. As soon as I figure out how to quilt this it will go to the head of the line once the top is completed.
  • Sew Scrappy – 2013 – I’m not fond of my fabric choices, but know who I want to give it to. Getting it done will be a win for both of us.
  • Sisters Swap – 2005 – Once I decide on the layout (and if it’s one quilt or two), quilting it shouldn’t be a problem. A panto with lots of texture.
  • Orca Bay – 2011 – Although a newer start, I’m excited to get this done since I know where it’s going.
  • Alphabet BOM – 2013 –  a newer start, but I don’t want to see it become a UFO. I’ve got a rough idea of what my layout is going to be but need the last three blocks
  • Scrappy Hearts – 2006 – Currently the top is hanging on my wall. I have the backing fabric so perhaps this will be my “easy” 3rd project for 2nd quarter.
  • Star-a-Day – 2014 –  My newest project. I’m behind by 2 months, but plan on the top being done by the end of August. Will I get it quilted in 2015?  Ask me after I get the top done.
  • Quilted Sweatshirt – 2006 – As cold as it is, I should get it in gear and get it done!
  • Christmas Crazy 8s – 2006 – I want to modify a panto then I’ll quilt it.
  • Hancock STAR BOM – 2004 – my next oldest project. I want this year to be the year it’s done — but don’t see it happening before March.
  • Diamond Links – 2007 – Just missed the cut off, but since it’s partially quilted it would be nice to finish it.
  • Whitework – 2005 – started this in a class. I don’t think there’s much left to quilt on it, so I just need to get it done and make it into a pillow or something.
  • Stack-n-Whack – 2006 – I have no idea how I’m going to quilt it or what I’m going to use for backing, but it’s here because I want to clear the older quilts
  • Candy Sunflower Seeds – 2011 – this is on the list to have an easy finish as I know how I’m going to quilt it once the top is completed
  • Green & Cream Swap – 2006 – another quilt I want to finish so I can say I have started from prior to 2007. Will probably work on this one this summer.

What are you planning on finishing in the next few months?  See what other are by following the links over at On the Windy Side.

The Christmas BOM



Earlier this week Shelly over at Prairie Moon Quilts issued a Procrastination Challenge. Pick something you’ve been putting off and move forward with it.  Well, this quilt fits the bill.  Currently it is my oldest UFO.  It’s been on my list to work on for at least two years. A couple of years ago I made significant progress on it and then there were two blocks left to do — Santa in his sleigh and the snowmen family.  As you can see the sleigh is completed.  The snowmen family still needs a bit of hand work done on it.

Although this quilt is on my list to work on this year, it wasn’t what I was planning on doing first. I’ll give it until this weekend, then get onto those things I need to get done this month.  But even if I don’t get the top finished this week, it has been “moved forward”.  Thanks, Shelly.