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The Blue Disappearing 9-Patch


Yesterday was gorgeous – sunny, light breeze, 74 degrees – not something you see often in Kansas City in February, but it was perfect for a quilt photoshoot. Ever since we cleared the jungle, I wanted to hang a line to hang quilts on.  It took two tries, as the weight of the quilt caused the first line to sag.


This quilt is made from recycled shirts with the exception of the blue accent squares and binding. Even the back is from recycled shirts.


I started this quilt January 5, 2016, finished the top February 24, 2016, then started working on the backing.  I finished the backing some time in June 2016 — possibly at the quilt retreat I went on.  Then the quilt sat, ageing, until I pulled it out this January and began quilting it on my treadle machine.


The binding was applied and stitched down on my main machine. I also made a pillowcase to go with the quilt using the binding fabric and a shirting that I bought a whole bolt of 10-15 years ago.


This is my first finish for 2017 and is one of my 1st Quarter Finish Along Goals.

3rd Quarter Goals

Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings
Not daunted by listing out quilting/sewing goals that don’t get finished, here are this quarter’s main goals.
  • Bionic Bagbionic
  • Zipper Bags (at least one – I haven’t decided if I like the other 3 fabrics together.)zipbags
  • The Blue Disappearing 9-Patch — Both the top and backing are made and there’s batting around here somewhere.bluetop
  • Strip Twist – a long shot as it is still in pieces and I have no idea what I’m going to use for the backing.striptwist
  • Cream & Green Swap – This really needs to be done first.andrea-gift
  • Monochromatic Tablerunner – I’m sure there’s something in the stash I can use for the backing.tablerunner

Of course the best laid plans don’t always come to fruition, so I am going to hope if I finish something else it will be one of my numerous UFOs or planned projects listed below:

The quilt tops:


Pink & Brown, Christmas BOM, Scrap Patch Hearts, Black & White 4-Patch, Christmas Crazy Eights, Raising Cane, 2012 Mystery, 2008 Retreat Swap, Baby Black &  White 4-Patch, Whitework, Stack ‘n Whack, Thangles BOM1, Black & White Strip Twist, Old Tobacco Road, Machine Quilting Sampler, Fairy Frost Sunset, 2011 Twin Mystery, QIAD Christmas Row Quilt, Mom’s 4-Patch, 2011 Mystery, Estate Doves  in the Window

The quilts in progress:


Lee’s Baskets, Mom’s Thangles, Hancock BOM, Border Class Sample, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, Twas the Night Before Christmas #2, Sheryl’s Churn Dash Blocks, Cream & Green Sampler,  Alphabet BOM, Hexie Hand Project, Twas the Night Before Christmas #1, Mom’s Sweatshirt, Sisters Swap, Just Takes 2, Estate Double Wedding Ring, Compass Lone Star, Candy Sunflower Seeds, QAYG String Blocks, Postage Stamp, Faux Applique, Blue Strings, String HST Wall Hanging, Christmas Blocks from Lee, Lillbet’s Garden, Star A Day

I probably should have done another picture, but I’ve been having computer issues all week and want to get this posted while I can.

There are a few other things kicking about in the sewing room, but given I can’t find the cutting table or ironing board and haven’t unpacked from the retreat back in early June, I’m not likely to finish those either.

See what others are planning on working on this quarter over at RhondasRamblings.

Edited 7/16/16 4:00 PM — Since I’ve posted this, and the deadline to post our list has not past, I’ve rounded up pictures of the rest of the projects that are kicking around the sewing room.


Triangle Frenzy Runner, August 2013 Quilt A, Squedge Ruler Project


The Night Before Christmas, Tuscan Sun


May Pole Bag/Accessories, Pineapple Blossoms, Music Throw



I think that’s everything now.

Finish-A-Long Results

Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings
Ha! I feel like I’ve got nothing done the first 6 months of the year.  I know I haven’t finished anything on the Finish-A-Long list.  But as I started thinking of what I HAVE accomplished, it’s not as bleak as I thought.
In February I finished the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch top.
Early March found me making this monochromatic tablerunner as a class sampler — which still needs to be quilted.
Late March was a mad dash for a shop sample. – No picture.
April and May I worked on the blocks for Alletore – the 2015 Bonnie Hunter Mystery.retreatmystery
While doing these quilts, I made progress on the Tumbler Leader/Ender project – finishing it unless I decide to add a couple of more rows. It roughly measures 70 x 80.
I also finished the backing to for the Disappearing 9-Patch.
Progress was made on both Strip Twist & Pineapple Blossom.
Now here’s a finish.  These are 10 of the 17 bags I made for gifts. I didn’t get a picture of the rest of them.10bags
Another finish is this travel iron tote.
And since I got into my Maypole fabrics, I decided to make a Bionic Gear Bag to go with it. It is still in progress.
There may not be any finishes which count toward the Finish-A-Long, but I did more than I thought.

The Best Laid Plans

At the end of the year, I compiled a list of quilts that I wanted to finish in the first quarter. Of course I listed EVERYTHING on my UFO/WIP and To Be Quilted list as well to cover all the bases.  Then I went beyond that and listed several kits (some purchased, and other I put together from stash) that I was considering for the year.

Friday afternoon I realized I couldn’t lay my hands on the finished section of my Star-A-Day quilt — the one which ideally I should have finished this past September and that I’m only 1/3 of the way through. After work I went over to the LQS where a retreat was going on and the ladies oohed and aahed over the single tiny star I had with me.  While I was there I spent time tracing and cutting out a couple of stars. But when I came home I was determined to find the wayward section.  I did – it was in a box with fabric I’ve pulled for additional stars — more or less right where it should have been, but the box is not labeled and there’s other stuff in it as well.


Anyway, before I found it I tripped over a few things.  The leftover backing from the Eeyore quilt. I was looking for it before Christmas and couldn’t figure out where I put it.  The section measures 44″ x 70″ so it’s nearly big enough to be its own quilt. I think another 6″ to 10″ to the width and it will be ready to quilt. So, add this to the list of quilts to be finished this year, possibly this quarter. Of course since I know where it’s headed I want to get it done “now”.


Then I found a bundle of brights with some Caterwauling and Cool Cats fabrics. Last summer I was trying to figure out what to make with these fabrics and bundled them together.  I think I’ll use them to test the new pattern I’m writing. It won’t be exact as the pattern just calls for 5 fabrics – a focus/border, background and 3 other fabrics, but for the initial test, this will work just fine – just as soon as I settle on a background fabric. This is another get it done “now” projects.

So, 3 new quilts are added to the list for this year: the music quilt, the initial test quilt and then the test BOM when the fabric arrives.

It’s no wonder my WIP/UFO list is so long.

Stash Report

newshirtsI started off the new year with a trip to the Goodwill Outlet store where I picked up all of these shirts for $7.12. I’m guesstimating there is about 19 1/2 yards of usable fabric. The thrift store run (and the one I’ll make later today) is to gather more shirts for yet another Disappearing 9-Patch quilt. I’ve already started pulling shirt pieces from my stash to cut the squares. This one will start with 39 unique 9-patches.

  • Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0 yards
  • Fabric Used Year to Date: 0 yards
  • Fabric Purchased Since Last Report: 19.5 yards
  • Fabric Purchased Year to Date: 19.5 yards
  • Net Fabric to Stash: 19.5 yards

Do I have any goals for the stash this year? I want to work from my stash. Limit my purchases to what I need to finish what I’m working on and not buy fabric just to have something new to work on. The exception to that rule/goal will be if I’m buying fabric for a quilt that I’ve been commissioned to make — the shirt quilt is an example.

Looking at the first five projects I have lined up, with the exception of the Disappearing 9-Patch and the Turquoise & Green Strip Twist, I think I have everything I need to complete them – well, except for batting.

Hop over to Patchwork Times. to see if other took advantage of New Year’s Sales.


2015 Final Countdown Task One

Shelly, over at PrairieMoonQuilts is hosting the 7th annual Final Countdown. It’s a chance to do a few things in your quilting space to get you ready for the new year. I’m not sure how long I’ve been participating, but whatever the challenge, it’s usually something which needs to be done in my space.

Task One:

Take a good hard look at your fabric stash

To be honest, my stash is what it is. I can’t remember the last time I bought fabric just because. For the past couple of years, any fabric I’ve purchased has been for a specific use — not that it always gets used as expected. Case in point – just a week ago I purchased fabric to use for the cuff of a couple of pillowcases. When it came time to make the cases I opted for a different fabric from my stash.

My storage system is by color/theme in bins on the left set of shelves. The right set holds my Scrap User’s System and recycled shirts.


The music fabric is in the chest of drawers with overflow neutrals.


Oh, and then there are the “scraps” in various boxes/bins stacked on the floor on the other side of the room and the auxiliary shelves which is holding the overflow.


Not to mention under the cutting table.


Generally, for the type of quilting I do, the main storage works for me. The issue is that between the scraps I’ve accumulated and have not appropriately dealt with and my stirring in the boxes the fabric is getting piled up. Also, over the past couple of years, what once took a whole box/drawer no longer does (music, blue) and other colors are now taking more than a half a box (green/floral).

So, what is my plan? At the moment it’s only half-baked.


For Christmas my husband made me this ironing station with lots of storage.  Those drawers are 7-1/2 inches tall, 18″ wide and 40″ long.  These drawers will play a part of the organization, I’m just not sure how yet.  Possibly possibly part of the Stash User’s System.

But I think the #1 thing I need to do is refold and sort the fabric in my ‘theme’ boxes. Right now, to find anything, I have to pull everything out. Although there are other boxes which are overflowing, I think I’m going to start with the floral box. It has morphed into two boxes and I think it will all fix in a single box.


Clearly working through the stash is going to take a while. It will be interesting to see what I get done by January 4th.



What’s On My Design Wall



I thought I would use this last Design Wall Monday post of 2015 to recap the projects that I’ve worked on this year. The pictures above are all of the quilts and a couple of groups of pillowcases not associated with quilts that I finished this year.

In addition to completely finishing the quilts pictured, I reworked and/or assembled the following tops.


My leader/ender project for the year started with the postage stamp quilt, which is nowhere near complete, then in July, I started the Tumblers, which also has a way to go. My hand project – Star-A-Day I kept up with through March. I have 113 stars, so I’m about 1/3 of the way to completion.

Additionally, I started Allietare, the Bonnie Hunter Mystery, although I’ve not gotten very far on it.

I worked a bit on the Green & Cream Swap Quilt. I’m afraid I handed out an IOU for a UFO for Christmas. It will be the first quilt I complete in 2016 — right after I get my machine back from getting cleaned. It’s developed a squeak that I don’t like.


But before I take it in, I will finish one last quilt. I still have a bit of repair work on the 4-Patch Stacked Posies.

I didn’t get everything done on my Crazy Challenge II list, but I didn’t miss it by much. After all the original challenge was 12 quilts in 4 months, then the list grew. 🙂

Check out what others are working on by following the links over at Patchwork Times.



Black and Bright



This is Black & Bright. The blocks were from a May 2007 swap I participated in. The blocks then sat for several years waiting for inspiration. At one point I wanted to set the blocks with applique (yes, I know I say that’s a 4-letter word) flowers.

I went as far as taking an on-line class to learn applique and quickly decided that wasn’t going to work. So, I took the class blocks and made this wall hanging in 2010.


I didn’t like the original border with the wall  hanging, so came up with this layout with the plan to use it on the quilt when I got that far.

The quilt top finally got finished in April 2013 at a quilt retreat. It then sat in my stash of quilt tops to be quilted. This summer it was on of the quilts that was picked to be quilted as a thank you for the help in the yard (Aiming for Accuracy, Orange Crush and Nifty Thrifty were the other 3 quilts).

I found a bright green fabric on clearance to use for the backing. I also used it as the body of the pillowcases.


It was quilted on both the longarm and my DSM.  I had a plan for the black borders and quickly realized I wasn’t able to execute it well — especially in the bright variegated thread I was using (Superior’s So Fine #40/3 in Crickey!)  So came home and ripped out the top border and did a simple cable. It was either Wednesday night or Christmas Eve morning I realized that I wasn’t going to have enough thread — I was using Crickey! in the bobbin as well. So, I had a design opportunity.

The ‘inner’ black band between the pieced border and the blocks is narrower than the ‘outer’ black bands, so I did a simple diamond in those two borders and used black thread on the top. Finally in the turquoise of the pieced borders I did a simply s-curve and used turquoise thread.  I think I have less than 1/2 bobbin of Crikey! left.

I picked the green from the border to repeat in the binding. “Susie’s Magic Binding” is my go-to binding when I need to do a fast binding. There’s no pinning and the entire thing can be done on the machine.

I used Hobbs’ Heirloom 80/20 black batting in the quilt. It started out at 103″ square and after washing it measures 98″ square.

It was finished Christmas Day, just in time to leave for Christmas dinner.

It was part of my Crazy Challenge II and on the 4th Quarter Finish a Long list.

The Red Disappearing 9-Patch



This is the 3rd of 3 Disappearing 9-Patches – for this year.  Since I made it the same as the Green Disappearing 9-Patch, I’m going with the same measurements. It measured about 79″ x 94″ before washing. Based on the picture, I’m guessing it’s about 75″ x 90″ after washing. Hobb’s Tuscany Bleached 100% Cotton batting was used (it’s what I had on hand). It was quilted on my DSM. I used my CarioQuilt thread in Military Gold. The quilting on this one is in a diagonal pattern similar to the Orange DP9.

All the fabric is from recycled shirts, except for the red. I purchased two yards of it, and had enough fabric to make the quilt and a pillowcase. Again I made the cuff narrower as I needed a red cuff on another pillowcase.

I started cutting the squares on May 19th, finished the top July 17th and finished the quilt on December 13th. It is on my 3rd Quarter Finish Along List make that my 4th Quarter Finish Along list that On the Windy Side is hosting and of course it is a quilt on my personal Crazy Challenge II list.

Here’s the pillowcase — it’s the body of the case is from a bolt of fabric I bought several years ago.


Green Disappearing 9-Patch – The Blog Post



Well, I  had great hopes and dreams of a cool photo shoot of all of the quilts, but that simply is not going to happen.  I haven’t been able to get out during the day — except when the wind is blowing hard or it’s raining — neither are conducive to a quilt photo shoot of a single quilt, let alone multiple quilts. So this is it.  The quilt pinned to the shelves in the sewing room.

This is the 2nd of 3 Disappearing 9-Patches.  It measured about 79″ x 94″ before washing. Based on the picture, I’m guessing it’s about 75″ x 90″ after washing. Hobb’s Tuscany Bleached 100% Cotton batting was used (it’s what I had on hand). It was quilted on my DSM. I used my CarioQuilt thread in Military Gold to do some basic straight stitching.

All the fabric is from recycled shirts, except for the green. I purchased two yards of it, and had enough fabric to make the quilt and a pillowcase — well, I made the cuff narrower so I could make a cuff for Nifty Thrifty as well. Bottom line, there’s no green fabric left.

I started cutting the squares on May 19th, finished the top August 20th and finished the quilt on October 31st.  It was part of the November UFO Parade at Aunt Marti’s, one of my finishes for UFO Busting over at Field Trips in Fiber, it is on my 3rd Quarter Finish Along List (it was on the 3rd quarter list, but it’s the 4th Quarter Finish Along List that I need to link to)  for that On the Windy Side is hosting and of course it is a quilt on my personal Crazy Challenge II list.

Ooh — nearly forgot the pillowcase.