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Cloth napkins have been on my radar for a few months, but I didn’t know what fabric to use. I didn’t want to spend “good money” to buy new fabric and I couldn’t decide on what fabric to “sacrifice” from my stash.  I still wouldn’t have a set of napkins if it hadn’t been for 2 things.  1 – I went over to my SILs house to help her figure out the napkin pattern so she could make some and 2 – I finished the quilting on Raising Cane.

I read the instructions she had. I watched 2 different videos – multiple times.  We folded, pinned, and stitched – multiple times.  My guess is I  spent an hour trying to figure out those mitered corners, but we eventually figured it out.  Then I came home to started cleaning up the Quilt Studio.  I realized there was enough of the backing fabric left from Raising Cane to make 6 napkins — assuming I could find coordinating fabric. I pulled fabric from the FQ boxes. That probably took longer than actually making the napkins.

Eventually after I get my kitchen remodeled, I’ll make some more.