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This afternoon I looked out my window to see what got Butterscotch’s attention.

It was a squirrel!

It ran up and down the side of the house a couple of times.

She wasn’t the only one distracted today. The layer cake that I won playing Fabric Bingo last week was delivered. In anticipation of it’s arrival I started searching for layer cake patterns.  I ended up with Layer Cake Lattice from the Fat Quarter Shop. I found a length of a solid off white in my stash for the background, so all I’ll need is backing and binding.

I had thread/tension issues today, so just finished the circle feathers before the thunderstorms rolled in.  I’ll keep quilting in the rain, but when lighting starts flashing I shut the machine down.


Fabric for This Month’s Block

The latest block in my guild’s Block of the Month came out last Friday. While the square feathers were stitching on the wedding quilt, I picked fabrics and started cutting. After about an hour and quarter of tending the long arm, I my low bobbin indicator came on, so I shut everything down and called it a night.  I quilted a row of square feathers and one circle feather.


Another Progress Report

Working late and picking up groceries meant a late start in the sewing room. Given the intensity of the day, I only stayed for an hour, winding bobbins and finishing the row of circle feathers.  The quilt has been advanced and basted down, so it’s just a matter of placing the motifs for quilting when I get back in there.  I can’t get much done when stitching the circles as they take less than 2 minutes to stitch out., but I did get the music fabric put up.  The square feathers take about 5 minutes to stitch out, so tomorrow since the cutting board is cleared I think I’ll work on the new block for the Guild BOM.

Design Wall Monday – 3/8/2021

I’ve reached the halfway point in the computerized quilting of the wedding quilt. This is the center block of the quilt.

I started the next row of circle feathers and got a notice I was running out out of bobbin thread. I decided that was a good time to stop as I need to wind more bobbins.  I started with 4 bobbins. I’ll wind another 4, but expect to need a couple more before I finish the rest of the quilting.

While the computer was quilting, I was cutting and piecing.  A number of years ago I cut 2-1/2″ strips from all of my music fabric to make a jelly roll race backing for a quilt.  When I was finished I had a 44″ x 70″ piece left over. Over the past few days I’ve cut strips from the music fabric – as it turns out over twice as many as I needed to add a enough to make this 60″ x 70″. Of course now that it’s “a top”, I’m not sure I like it.  I feel it needs “something”.   So, I’m not sure this is really a “top” yet.

I’m linking up to Small Quilts and Doll Quilts for Design Wall Monday.


I slept in Saturday morning, so I didn’t accomplish as much quilting as I’d like, but I was able to spend time with my family, which is more important.

The first thing I did was stop in at an Estate Sale. 15 yards of fabric came home with me.

I quilted a row of square feathers.  I had planned to stop at 4 PM to give me time to get to my brother’s, but stopped early. It’s a good thing I did.  By the time I had the salad made to take to diner, bought gas, and stopped by the ATM it was nearly 4:30.

My brother, sister and I had a nice visit with just the 3 of us.

Friday Night Quilting

Friday night was my guilds Zoom Fabric Bingo Night. Naturally I had to participate.  And I won a layer cake!   So, that’s going to be my reason that I didn’t get much quilting done — just a row of the circle feathers.

This is Feather Circle from Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio.

The Quilting Has Begun – Finished (or Not) Friday!

Honestly, I figured just getting the quilt loaded would take all evening. After all the backing is approximately 126″ x 130″ and the quilt 120″ square.  It turns out I was able to get a bit of quilting done.  The squares colored lavender is what I got quilted.  The quilt has been rolled forward so I’m ready to start quilting the circle feathers when I get off work tonight.

Edited.  This is a computerized feather called Feathered Square Block #3 by Jessica Schick. I purchased it from UrbanElementz.

While the computer is running I’ve been cutting 2-1/2″ strips from my music stash.  I have a 44 x 70 piece of a music themed “jelly roll race” quilt and I want to add at least 22″ to the width. After I cut the strips I’m folding what’s left (if anything) to integrate in to my main stash.   Perhaps by the time I get the wedding quilt quilted, I’ll have another top finished.

Linking up with Alycia Quilts for Finished (or Not) Friday.

The Perfect Ruler

That is this is the perfect ruler for those continuous curves in the broken dish units of the wedding quilt.  I put a little Grippy spray on the back of the ruler and marked a couple of lines for reference. That shallow curve is the perfect size.

Now these are curves that I’m happy with.

This quilt only measures 30″ so it didn’t take much time at all to finish up the quilting. Here’s a view of the back.

I still need to figure out a binding, but I’m in no hurry to get this done.  For fun I hung it on the shelves with the first test quilt.

Fuchsia and purple vs red and blue. Would you believe the larger quilt shrunk nearly 6″ in both length and width?!  Of course now it nice and soft.

The backing for the wedding quilt is made.  9 Big Dream Dance in the Hummingbird colorway.  Tonight’s project is loading the quilt and winding bobbins.

Test 2 Quilting

One of the last times my sister was over using the quilting machine, she showed me how to trim an E2E design across the bottom of the quilt.  This is in the Mach 3 software we use to run the machine.  It’s been at least 6 weeks and I’m not sure I grasped what she did.  But apparently it was enough.   I was able to “cut” the center motif in half — both vertically and horizontally to fill in the spaces along the edge of the quilt.  Then I cut the block into quarters for the corners.  While I was thinking about it, I resized the block to 9 1/2″ and saved all the pieces so I won’t have to do it again when I load the wedding quilt.

I still need to do the continuous curve on the broken dish units and finish the wedding quilt backing, but then I’ll be ready to load the quilt.

Design Wall Monday / One Monthly Goal

On my design wall is another test quilt.  This one is only 4 blocks and measures 30″ square.  The objective is to figure out how to trim the feather block used in the center so there’s only 1/2 on the sides and top and 1/4 in the corners. The easy way would be to let it stitch off the edge, but given the size of the wedding quilt that’s not an option, so one more test is needed.  I can also use the practice on the broken dish units.

As for my One Monthly Goal, it is to finish the wedding quilt.

In order to do that I need to finish the backing.  I hope to have that done by mid-week. With any luck, the wedding quilt will be on the frame and I’ll be on my way to meeting this goal.

  • 350 Challenge February = 58
  • 350 Challenge Cumulative = 114
  • Easy Breezy = 123

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