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Finished (or Not) Friday / One Monthly Goal

I’m starting with One Monthly Goal — Finish the wedding quilt. It still needs to be washed, but I’m calling it done. I think next month I’ll pick something a little simpler.

I used 9 Big Dream Dance in the Hummingbird colorway for the backing.

For Finish (or Not) Friday, I also have Louisa Lattice.  This was made with a bit of yardage from my stash and a layer cake called Louisa that I won during Fabric Bingo.  I’ve made a scrappy binding from the leftover squares. The back is a vintage Peter Pan floral which my mom bought years ago.

I while I was assembling the top, I made 2 more Easy Breezy blocks.

  • 350 Challenge March = 37
  • 350 Challenge Cumulative = 168
  • Easy Breezy = 129


Clearing the Sewing Table

I’ve been on a mission all month. I wanted to finish the wedding quilt in time for Show and Tell this month.  However, before I could bind it I needed to clear the sewing table.  Table cleared. Just don’t look at the ironing/cutting board.

I’ll deal with this later.  I’ve binding to do.

It’s a big quilt – 120″ square.

Oops, came up short. I shuffled a few things around on the cutting board so I could cut one more strip of binding fabric.

I used Susie’s Magic Binding.  Of my fabric choices for binding, I think I made the right decision.

A peek at the quilt, binding and backing.

After I get the quilt washed  I’ll hang it to take it’s ‘formal portrait’.

Now I need to go clear the cutting/ironing board.

Design Wall Monday – March 21, 2021

The wedding quilt is off the frame and trimmed.

Binding has been made.  I’ll find out later if I need to cut another strip of the green.  I don’t remember if I measured the purple or the green when deciding how many strips to cut and the purple was ever so slightly wider.

While I was working on the binding, I had the long arm running computerized E2E designs on 2 customer quilts. I have 3 more to do, but I plan to wait until I get the binding done on the wedding quilt before I load the next one. Once I pull the drawer out on the sewing table there won’t be any room to get by to the long arm.  But before I do that I have to clear the table.

There was enough space to make the binding, but there’s no way to bind even a small quilt until the table is cleared off.

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The Quilting is Done!


Just after 8 PM I finished the last of the quilting on the wedding quilt.


Now on to the binding.

National Quilt Day


The third Saturday in March is National Quilt Day.  It’s not even 3 PM and I’ve been doing all sorts of quilty stuff. Naturally I worked on the wedding quilt.  I only got 2 rows done yesterday.

While I stitched out the next row, I logged into the Guild’s Zoom Sew Day. I was only able to stay for 30 minutes before a customer arrived.  She brought me 5 quilts to quilt.  Guess what I’m doing next week.

I then went to a quilt sale. I don’t need fabric, and in many ways I don’t want fabric. Don’t get me wrong, I love fabric, but when it comes to quilting my “eyes are bigger than my stomach” so to speak.  That is to say I have so many ideas and not enough time to do them all – not to mention where am I going to put it.  Generally I can contain myself, but I had a gift certificate…. The top piece is large enough to be a backing.  I counted folds and apparently miss-counted, or simply didn’t remember the count when I said “I’ll take the rest of the bolt”.  6 1/4 yards.  I just love the stripe. 3 yards so I don’t have to piece a border — if that’s what I decide to do with it. Then next 3 fabrics are from the same line.  2 yards of the paisley and a yard each of the other 2 prints.  The orange I only bought 1/2 yard.

When I got home there was more quilting. As you can see from the picture at the top of the post, the end is near.  I had to stop and wind a bobbin, so I think I’m done until later tonight.  I’m guessing not more than an 1-1/2 hours of quilting is left.  Then I’ll need to make miles of binding — nearly 500 inches.

As for the rest of the afternoon it’s either a nap or doing the data entry for the Quilt Festival.  I’m leaning toward a nap.

Hope you had a quilty day on National Quilt Day.

Finished (or Not) Friday

It’s been 2 days since I’ve worked on the wedding quilt, so today’s post is “or Not”.  I estimate I have 4 1/2 hours of quilting left.

Wednesday evening I spent playing “Quilt Tetris” with my guild’s quilts entries for the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival.  The deadline for entry is March 31st, and I needed to make sure I had gathered enough quilts to fill our assigned walls.  Last go round I shoveled photos around physically and it took me several days to figure out the layout.  This time I was able to build the layout in power point in a few hours.

Thursday I played ‘fix the sump pump’.  We’ve had multiple days of rain around here.  When I fixed breakfast, I realized the sump pump was running continuously.  “We’ve had a lot of rain, and ground water is high”.   When I fixed lunch it was still running, so I decided I really needed to check on it.  The good news is the basement was dry. The bad news is the water was high in the bucket. Looked like a fountain.

I called my brother, he had me unplug it and I noticed the electrical cord was warm.  Since he was on his way to the hardware store, he said he’d pick up a new pump and come fix it.  When he dug into it,he discovered the clamps had rotted off, so it was simply a case of reattaching the pipe.  What could have been a $200 repair cost me $8.  But then we talked landscaping — specifically the need to fix/replace the retaining wall and dealing with the water in the backyard.  Between this and dealing with side effects from 2nd vaccine, I didn’t make it into the sewing room except to show my brother the quilt.

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Another Day of Continuous Curves

I started right after work, and after an hour (and 2 rows) stopped to get a bite to eat.   My plan was to go back and do at least another 2 rows, but stopped after 1 row. I just put in bobbin #10.  I can’t remember if bobbin #9 was before or after I started the CC, so there may be one more bobbin in my future.

Quilting, Counted Cross Stitch, and Needlepoint

First the quilting.  I’m making progress on the continuous curves. I think I’ve finally figured out the easiest way to get through the block.  Three “rows” were done today.  Assuming I can keep this pace up, I should be binding the quilt this weekend.

In the bags of Mom’s stuff I got the other day I found this magnolia counted cross stitch piece.  I want to display it, so I’ll need to figure out if I want to hang it or make it into a throw pillow.

Keeping with the magnolia theme is this needlepoint piece my mom was filling in the background on.

Her dream was to recover the dining room chairs, but she had the foresight to only buy the one canvas and wool.  Clearly she didn’t finish it.  I’m putting it on my list to finish ‘someday’ with the intent of using it on my one armchair in the dinning room.  I need to stop in at the local needlepoint shop to get some pointers – the canvas is distorted.


So Close

I finally got to the longarm around late Saturday afternoon. At 10 PM I called it a night.  I have the last 1/2 row to stitch out with the computer, then it will be on to the continuous curves.

While the computer was doing it’s thing, I started on the layer cake project that I’m currently calling “Louise Lattice”. It’s a free pattern from The Fat Quarter Shop.

I picked out 30 of the squares to use for my quilt.  At this point I’m planing on using the remaining squares to make a scrappy binding.  But as I only have 9 blocks finished, I don’t have to worry about that.  If you look close, you can see the 2 Easy Breezy blocks I made as well.

The other day I stopped back by my brother’s after my nephew’s play and several bags of “stuff” were put in my car.  I finally brought it in looking for the needlepoint chair cushion my mom was working on.  I found the wool, but apparently the needlepoint didn’t make it back into the bag before it was put in my car.  I did however find 4 yards of this 59″ wide 4-way stretch material. It’s pretty but those flowers sure are big.

  • 350 Challenge March = 13
  • 350 Challenge Cumulative = 127
  • Easy Breezy = 126

Finished (or Not) Friday – 3/12/2021

Thursday I attended my first “public-ish” event in a year.  My nephew’s senior project was directing a one act play. Masks were required, they were taking your temperature at the door and like a big exclusive event your name had to be on the list. I enjoyed myself and hope he gets a good grade on the project. Needless to say, it was 10:30 by the time I got home.  Fortunately I had all the pieces cut for this block. It’s the 2nd one from my Guild’s BOM. This is the “Finish”.

As for the “or Not”, the wedding quilt is still on the frame with no new progress and the music theme ‘jelly roll race’ quilt is still hanging for inspiration. If you look real close you’ll see an Easy Breezy Block.  A third of the month is gone and I’ve only made 2 blocks this month.


I’m linking up with Alycia Quilts for Finished (or Not) Friday.

  • 350 Challenge March = 2
  • 350 Challenge Cumulative = 116
  • Easy Breezy = 124