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This morning I sat down to add a couple of labels to an older post. Somehow that post got deleted. Decided I needed to be a little more awake before I attempted to do anything else.

Then this afternoon my work computer got slower and slower — I wrote it off to all the open applications and decided I deal with it later after I went to the KT Stash Society meeting. Well, it’s not playing much better now, so I’ll be up early calling the helpdesk in the morning. Urgh!

On a quilting note, I have completed ALL of Part 1 of the Old Tobacco Road mystery. In fact the missing post is from when I thought I had completed it. Last night I discovered I was missing the 8 half 4-patches. I’m happy to report they are now completed and everything from step 1 is pressed and pinned together in groups of 10.

I mentioned going to a KT Stash Society meeting. I don’t have much in the way of a stash of Kansas Troubles Fabrics, other than 3 or 4 kits. I really like the Wildflower Serenade and Wildflower Serenade II. In fact, last November when I got to see samples of the WSII, I wrote down the 3 fabrics I wanted to use to make a 4-Patch Stacked Posies quilt. Not even thinking about it, I managed to get to the shop with the information, so yes fabric came home with me for a new quilt, a binder cover, a jelly roll just because and a FQ 10 3/4 yards total. I best get to sewing.

Well, back to muttering about the computer.


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