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Don’t Get Cocky

My free-motion quilting will never improve if I keep using the computer on my quilting machine, but when it looks so good (and wasn’t cheap), it’s hard not to use it.

Yesterday I had a half-baked plan and I’ve tweaked it. The spots with the Xs I’ve done.  Well, I’ve done more but didn’t go back and take a picture.

I wanted my feathers to show motion. This is what I came up with.  The tail will point the direction, going around in a circle.  Of course now that I look at this, maybe I should have pointed the far right blocks toward the top center.  Oh well.  That is what a practice quilt is for.  Anyway, the center block has no point. On the second row of blocks, in the middle I ran out of bobbin, then my program shut down.  Fortunately it was only the last two feathers in the wreath, so I did them free hand as it was easier than trying to realign the software.

I need practice (see opening comment).

But that’s not when I got cocky.

I dropped my motif in what I thought was a boundary.  I thought it was a bit large on the screen, and ignored my instincts.  I started up the machine and it started where I thought it was supposed to. I went back to my lap top to search for the perfect pattern for the small neutral blocks (I think I found it).  With about 3 feathers left to stitch I realized the machine was stitching all over the HSTs – not because it was doing something wrong, but because I told it wrong.  I stopped the machine and started ripping out.  That will be tomorrow’s after work activity.

I’m second guessing my thread color now as well.  Originally I was going to use a red, white and blue thread on the top and a blue bobbin. But I changed my mind and opted for Linen on the top. Not wanting to deal with blue coming through to the top, I used Linen in the bobbin.

When I wrote this post, I forgot that I needed to link it up to Finished (or Not) Friday over at Alycia Quilts.

3 Thoughts on “Don’t Get Cocky

  1. It’s lovely Pam. I’m curious and am wondering your computerized quilting is mentioned. Could you share your tools at some time in a future post please. Thanks.

  2. Lovely feather quilting design, it’s going to be a fantastic quilt!

  3. Oh no!! I hate ripping! but um, I haven’t caught up on my weekly blog reading – and your quilt you have loaded looked like your wedding quilt but the colors were wrong and my brain froze…. I couldn’t comprehend – haha!!! That’s what I get for no caffeine before reading!
    I think quilting this one is a good idea first – that way you know exactly what to do and not to do – and oh my feathers… you just can’t go wrong there!

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