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Fabric Explosion

I’ve done no sewing all week.  Well, I take that back, I did make this block:


It was a sample I made to make sure I could explain how to make the block to a friend.  But other than this block, I’ve not sat at the sewing machine.

I  have cut the rest of the spool blocks that I’m going to need.


Between these two activities, I’ve decided my sewing mojo is effected by the excess fabric sitting around the room.

The crumb tin is overflowing.  It’s time to pack it up and send it to my sister – but I did see a neat crumb quilt earlier this week….


Then there is the basket with the shirt trimmings – strings, tails, cuffs, and collars.  I’m not positive what is in the two shoe boxes.  I simply cleared a couple of flat surfaces into the basket and boxes.


While I was clearing things, I “contained” the larger pieces of fabric by stacking them on my fabric boxes. I need to go through and re-fold and re-arrange to really get this fabric contained.  I see the red moving out of the red/green box (not sure where it’s going) because I now have enough green to fill up the box.


Then there is the treadle — a flat surface which hasn’t gotten cleared off.  Most of the “loose” fabric is for the Scrappy Trips I‘m working on haven’t worked on since May 5th.  So much for treadling one day a week. The fabric in the plastic bag on the left is T’s 70th Birthday Quilt. I need to spend a weekend and get it done so I can pass it to V to quilt.  We did say our goal was to get it complete by her 71st birthday — so we still have a few months.


I really need to cut the pieces for the border for Nifty Thrifty.  It’s hung on my wall all week.  I just need to cut 30 squares from the brown and then I could finish up the quilt


So what am I doing?  Digging in the Orphan Block Box (the plastic bag contains the spool blocks).


The box is simply overflowing and it’s not possible to put another thing in it.  And that block at the top of this post?  It needs to go in this block.  Periodically I sort through the box trying to layer everything in a more orderly manner to get more into it, but there’s simply no way this time.  So, this weekend I have 2 goals.

  1. Get the border on Nifty Thrifty
  2. Make a quilt from the orphan block box so I can easily close the box

I wonder if I’ll get either done this weekend?

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