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Foyer Table, Cabinets and Pulls

I need to find some Howard Restore-a-Finish in Cherry for the dinning room furniture.  I can find just about any other color at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Ace, but not Cherry.  Looking on the Howard website, they sent me to Antique Aly.  Cute little store. They has a couple of colors, but not Cherry.  They suggested Repeat Street or Ace.  So, off we went to Repeat Street.  They didn’t have any of the Restore-a -Finish, but I found this Duncan Phyfe  game table.

I’ve been looking for one (game table/foyer table) for the past couple of months.  I’ve seen some, but they were higher priced and not in as good of shape.  I snatched this one up — possibly just moments before some other folks.

I’ll need to make a quilted topper for it opened as I plan to use it as one of my tables for Bunco this fall.

After I got it home, I swung by another antique shop, Interior Market, in Jackson and picked up some Mahogany Restore-a-Finish to work on the table top. Next door is Brent’s Drugs, an old fashioned Soda Fountain. The pharmacy closed in 2009.  I grabbed a burger, then went next door to Corner Market.  It was like old home week at the grocery store – Frick’s Ham, Best Buy products and McCormick Pork Chop Bag & Season.

Next week the contractors will be back. #1 is the Living Room, or as my contractor calls it the Piano Room.  The piano will be delivered between 3/15 – 3/22.  #2 is the Dining Room — I have to be able to get the dining room furniture out of the Quilt Studio so they can work in there.  #3 is the guest bedrooms, office, and hallways. I’ve ordered a bed in a box from Sam’s and it’s supposed to be here by 3/15. The last (of the stuff started) will be Quilt Studio and Sun Room.


I mentioned in my last post that I have my office cabinets ordered. They should be ready by the end of March.  This one will go on the Sun Room wall in my office. I need to get 4 drawer pulls. I’m considering these:

On the den wall of my office I’ll have wall to wall bookcases with a couple of cabinets.


I have to decide if I want to use the same pulls, or go with the matching knobs.


Once all of this work is done, it will be time for the Den and Master Bedroom.

I have the back splash, tile, granite and paint picked.  I need to pick my fixtures, shower floor & door, plus make a decision on the cabinets. The vanity will have a stack of drawers on either side of the sink, a sponge drawer in front of the sink and cabinets below that. The mirror will be trimmed out in the flutes and rosettes that I’ve used in my office, living room and dining room. I’m not sure what I’m doing in the closet – I need to figure that out. The floor will be the same laminate I’ve used elsewhere in the house.

In the bedroom, the walls will be Crisp Linen, except behind the bed. I’m going to use Danube by Sherwin-Williams.

In the Den I have more built-ins ordered, but they can’t be started until I have the paneling down and the sheet rock up.

These won’t have the flutes and rosettes, so I’ll pick sleeker pulls. Before these can be installed, I need to get the paneling pulled down, sheet rock installed and possibly have the electricians come out.


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  1. Much is getting done and figures into your time plan. How exciting and love your design concepts.

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