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More Projects

I’ve started painting the trim on the backdoor.  Someone commented that it looks like a front door.  Given that it’s off the driveway and into the Quilt Studio, I suspect it will get more use than the front door. I need to get out and finish the painting this weekend.

The painters have been here all week. Another coat of paint has gone up in the dining room and piano/living room.

– and crown moulding! I think they are to finish up the bedrooms Friday.

The timing is good.  The guest bed has arrived.  I hope it’s comfortable as I’ll be sleeping on it when I start working on my bedroom.

It also means I need to get the dining room furniture ready to move into the dining room. One chair covered, 5 to go.

In other news, assuming it’s not raining Tuesday, my windows are scheduled to be installed — except for the patio door in the Sun Room.  It won’t be in until mid-April.  That puts the painters on hold as I need to get the trim put up on that wall first.

In quilting news, I’ve called for the long arm. We are aiming for the week of March 21st. We’ll finalize the date next week.  It means it will be here before the painting is finished in the Quilt Studio and Sun Room, but the machine is 3 feet from the wall on one side, 7 on two sides and 5 on the 4th side.  I think it will be OK.

One Thought on “More Projects

  1. Barb on March 4, 2022 at 7:34 am said:

    You are making GREAT progress!

    Thanks for the update.

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