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Insulation and Sheetrock

Monday and Tuesday morning, insulation was hung.

The sheet rock is up in the living room and dining room waiting for the mudding.

It’s slower in the quilt studio and sunroom as it has to go up on the ceiling first.  The round holes are my AC vents, the rectangle is the attic access for the electricians.

Speaking of electricians, my lights have arrived.  I pick them up on Friday.  Windows have been contracted for.  The installers need to come get the final measurements to sent to manufacturing.  I’ve been told it will be February or March before they are installed.  My next decision is flooring.  Paint has already been decided on.

White Lilac for the living room and dining room.


and Sole for the Quilt Studio and Sunroom.

One Thought on “Insulation and Sheetrock

  1. Did you buy this house knowing it needed all this work?

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