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When the contractors left Friday night, all of the insulation was cleaned up…

the painted wall paper removed from the dining room and the old termite damaged exposed.

The contractors came back Saturday to finish loading dumpster and I cleaned the gutters, discovering that one run is not aligned correctly (standing water under the leaves). The gutter company has been called.

Then after realizing I don’t have enough going on in my life (eyeroll), I decided I needed to dip my toes into gardening.  This is my first attempt. After posting this on Facebook, I received several comments from friends in Kansas City saying they were just pulling up their gardens for the winter.  Can you figure out what I took my color inspiration from?

Work, on the house is progressing.  Monday they pulled out the damaged window framing and re-framed it.

The studs weren’t as bad in the dining room, so they just added in new studs.

The water damaged ceiling joists and chimney surround(?) were replaced.

The AC Vent was moved in the Sunroom.

Since this was the 1st Monday, the Brandon Quilters met. In November they have an auction to support the guild.  There were a few cakes, some jelly, quilt books, and fabric to bid on.  This was one of the last lots.  They kept adding to it until someone bidded.  Not that I necessarily need 4 linen napkins with my initial on it, everyone turned and looked at me. I totally forgot that I was getting the rest of the stuff.

The woman sitting next to me got a stack of fabric for a single piece. I said this was cute and she gave it to me.  To finish the evening off, I agreed to be the Greeter for next year.

Today the insulation is scheduled to arrive and they are working on the ceiling.


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