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Lessons Learned – Garden Variety


This is the “Stuff” part of Quilting and Stuff by Knitnoid. I promise I’ll get back to quilting just as soon as I get a few things planted. I already have a few “lessons learned” of the garden variety even though nothing is planted.  The tomato plant pictured above is one of them.

Read the plant tag not just the display box.

I thought I was buying a Red Beefsteak Heirloom and discovered this morning that I have a Cherokee Purple Heirloom. Oh, well.

Cut aeration and water holes BEFORE cutting the false bottom from the lid

garden-falsebottomI’m using larger 30 gallon tubs for some of my containers. The lid will be a false bottom sitting about 5-inches from the bottom as a water reservoir. There needs to be a couple of holes for the water wicking and lots of aeration hole drilled into the lid. I got excited and cut all three false bottoms from the container lids and now I have to figure out where to prop them while I drill the holes.

A little bit of spray paint can hide advertising


It was my plan to pick up my 5 gallon buckets from Craigslist. But my timing was off. I found these at WM for only 58-cents more than the Craigslist bucket and I was already at WM.  Turns out these buckets are nearly the same color as our newly painted shutters and we have leftover paint.  So, no advertising.


Planting a garden is no different that other do-it-yourself projects — you will have to make multiple trips to the store


Although I could fill my water reservoir via the overflow hole I’ve cut into the side of the bottom bucket, I’m going to make it easier on my back and add in a 1″ PVC pipe from the top. That means I need an 1-3/8 inch hole in the bottom of the top bucket for the pipe. Although I could probably do a rough cut, it will be faster and more importantly easier on my hands/wrists if I have a proper drill bit.  Also, the caulking I have to “glue” the wicking cup in the right place on the bottom bucket is dried up. So I’m off to the hardware store – again.

For at least this week it seems I’m limiting my quilting to after it gets dark.

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