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Let’s Hear It for Knee Pads

The thing I like least in the quilting process, is crawling around on the floor squaring quilts up. It’s not the squaring up, but rather the crawling around.  It just hurts my knees.  This is especially true now that I pulled the carpet up in my studio to expose the hardwood floors.  We won’t even talk about working on tile over concrete.  After I came home from last spring’s quilt retreat where I squared up and attached borders to 3 quilts, I decided I had no choice but to find some knee pads.  I found these in our garage.  I’m not sure why we bought them, but they now live in my studio.

Why is this pertinent? Before I could measure for the borders I had to square up Ladder to the Stars.  The quilt is now square, and the millions of strips cut for the borders.  OK, it’s only 32 strips the width of the fabric and 4 strips the length of the fabric, but it seems like millions now that I’m sewing them together.  I stopped after one set to verify that I have the proportions correct, although I probably should have done that BEFORE I cut all the strips. Here it is with one strip set folded to miter around the corner.

I think it is going to work.  I’ll see how far I get with the strip sets, but I doubt I’ll try to attach them to the quilt tonight.

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