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Wind-Up for the Weekend

Tamara is hosting Wind-Up for the Weekend.  It’s a chance to show what you are planning to work on over the weekend.  The first thing I’m planning on doing is trying to stay warm.  They are predicting -20 degrees farenheit plus wind chill overnight.  At least I won’t be watching over goats in the cold.

On to the quilting.  Ladder to the Stars needs borders.  No hurry on this, just that I posted I would do it by the end of the month, but before I started basting my quilts.  Both the DWR and music quilt need basting so I can start quilting them.  I would like to have the music quilt finished so I can take it to the guild meeting on the 18th.  The DWR needs basted so I can start quilting – I want to get 4 rings done by the end of the month.

Check back to see what I get done.

2 Thoughts on “Wind-Up for the Weekend

  1. How are you doing on your weekend goals?

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