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Letting Go

I found two more UFOs that I’m letting go of.  The top is a set swap of blocks passed to me 12 years ago. I’m giving them to my sister.

The second set of blocks are from a BOM my mother and I participated in back in 2004.  When she died, my sister was not quilting, so I got all of the quilting related stuff from her sewing room. My intention was to finish this quilt and give it to one of siblings. Now that my sister is quilting I’m giving it to her to finish.

Although  I cannot count any of the projects  I’m giving away as finishes, I can remove them from my personal count. I essentially divide my projects into 3 categories: Tops to Be Quilted – which includes those tops quilted, but not bound; Works in Progress (WIP) – which includes those tops I’m doing quilt as you go; and Projects in Grocery Sacks (PiGS) – which includes things like sweatshirts, bags and a couple of stacks of fabric searching for a pattern.

So, the count as of January 3rd, 2021 is as follows:

  • PiGS: 25
  • WIPs: 38
  • TBQ: 23

Yes, that’s 86 projects.  My goal for this year is to reduce that number.

  • 350 Challenge = 15
  • Easy Breezy = 92



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