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Light Switches

I hope that I can eventually do away with my labeling – or if not, do something more professional looking, but in the short term, I used a dry erase marker.

These are the switches by the main entrance to the Quilt Studio.  They are located on the laundry room wall.

The top panel and the panel by the back door are lined up identically.

  • LT – Track lights on the left by the driveway
  • CF – Ceiling Fans in the Quilt Studio
  • ML – Main lights in the studio
  • CP – Carport/Backdoor

Bottom Panel

  • Covered Switch – the ceiling duplex outlets
  • D – light over main door into the studio
  • RT – Track lights on the right by the patio
  • DW – Design Wall


Just as you walk into the Sunroom from the Quilt Studio on the patio wall there is another bank of switches

  • ML – Main Lights in the Quilt Studio
  • CF – Ceiling Fans in the Quilt Studio
  • RT – Right track lights
  • SR – Sunroom Ceiling Fan

There are 3 more switches in the space

  • Single switch for the Sunroom as you come out of the office
  • Single switch next to the design wall
  • Double switch by the patio door – the left one is for the patio lights and the right switch is for the security lights on the corner.

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