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A Long Day

Wednesday I took the day off from work. I had 2 goals: 1 – talk to the guy about flooring and 2 – go look at crown moulding and baseboards.  The shops were in opposite directions, so the plan was to do flooring in the morning, come home and make a call, then look at moulding in the afternoon before capping off the day with a movie.

As I was getting ready to leave, my doorbell rang. It was an Amazon delivery and workers to fix the gable on the carport. I moved my car, came back inside and my brother called me.  I was late leaving for the floor place.

This is the final option – just as soon as I see the estimate.  I picked up 3 samples, brought them home and my contractor was here.  So he, my SIL and I wandered around the house with the samples and decided on this 7″ board.  The 9″ board was just too wide in my hallway.

I then hauled the samples back to the shop, and wandered over to the tile side of things.

I think this is the shower tile I’m going to go with. If I run the tile horizontally, I’ll do a 6″ band of the accent around the shower.  If I orient the tile vertically, I’ll do a 12″ band floor to ceiling behind the shower head.  I’ll like to run the accent in a band over the vanity as well.  I did not go in to pick shower stuff, but while I was there…..

We stopped for lunch at a brunch place.  That omelette was really good. Then it was off to the moulding place.  I brought a couple of samples home and will look at them closer tomorrow.  Of course at this point I realized I forgot my notebook at the flooring place, so back the other way.

Since there was an upholstery shop nearby, we stopped in. I don’t remember the background being as dark as it shows in this picture, but I suppose it’s possible.  I was looking at the flowers and leaves.

The colors of this stripe are more vivid as well.

After this we came home. I took a nap as we were going to the 7 PM showing of West Side Story – the 1961 version.  There was a 10 minute intermission!  During intermission I looked up the running time – 2 hours 33 minutes.  I could have used an intermission when I went to see No Time to Die a few weeks ago.

Now that I’ve seen the original which was not “modified from the original version to fit my TV Screen and running time” I might just have to see the Steven Spielberg version coming out in the next week or so.

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