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National Quilt Day


The third Saturday in March is National Quilt Day.  It’s not even 3 PM and I’ve been doing all sorts of quilty stuff. Naturally I worked on the wedding quilt.  I only got 2 rows done yesterday.

While I stitched out the next row, I logged into the Guild’s Zoom Sew Day. I was only able to stay for 30 minutes before a customer arrived.  She brought me 5 quilts to quilt.  Guess what I’m doing next week.

I then went to a quilt sale. I don’t need fabric, and in many ways I don’t want fabric. Don’t get me wrong, I love fabric, but when it comes to quilting my “eyes are bigger than my stomach” so to speak.  That is to say I have so many ideas and not enough time to do them all – not to mention where am I going to put it.  Generally I can contain myself, but I had a gift certificate…. The top piece is large enough to be a backing.  I counted folds and apparently miss-counted, or simply didn’t remember the count when I said “I’ll take the rest of the bolt”.  6 1/4 yards.  I just love the stripe. 3 yards so I don’t have to piece a border — if that’s what I decide to do with it. Then next 3 fabrics are from the same line.  2 yards of the paisley and a yard each of the other 2 prints.  The orange I only bought 1/2 yard.

When I got home there was more quilting. As you can see from the picture at the top of the post, the end is near.  I had to stop and wind a bobbin, so I think I’m done until later tonight.  I’m guessing not more than an 1-1/2 hours of quilting is left.  Then I’ll need to make miles of binding — nearly 500 inches.

As for the rest of the afternoon it’s either a nap or doing the data entry for the Quilt Festival.  I’m leaning toward a nap.

Hope you had a quilty day on National Quilt Day.

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