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Prime and Design

First a bit of quilting.

My quilt guild, Quilters By Hearts’ Desire, had their annual holiday dinner and ornament exchange on Monday.  The only requirement was that it had to be heart shaped and couldn’t be larger than 6″.  I made this after seeing similar felt and beaded ornaments at the Mississippi Quilt Association Fall Gathering.

I received these 3 crocheted hearts for my tree.

No, I did not have pizza for dinner last night.  QBHD is doing a Pizza Box Quilt.  We are to put in 2 yards each a background and focus fabric, plus at least yard of coordinating fabrics. Looking at the paper we are to attach to the box, it appears that we are to make a block to start off the swap. Since we are not meeting in December I’ll have until the January meeting to find my fabric and make the first block.

Last night the painters were here and they put up primmer specifically for “raw” sheetrock.  Paint is next.  I’ve been told they’ll be done by the end of the week and have the electricians lined up for next Monday.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean I’ll get to move into the Quilt Studio.  I still need flooring.

The den is up next to get an overhaul.  I’m replacing the painted paneling with sheetrock and replacing the built-in cabinets which my brother and I tore out in July.


This is what I have designed. Now to find someone to make it.


One Thought on “Prime and Design

  1. Mary Carter on November 20, 2021 at 7:28 pm said:

    I saw what you have planned with shelves and drawers along a wall. You said you needed someone to build it – may I suggest a cabinet maker – My cabinet maker son did a whole wall of shelves when he was in HS not working for pay yet. During the builders down time 2008 – he made me my sewing cabinets with holes to sink 2 sewing machines to be level with surface. My only mistake was telling him to use laminate – I should have told him I would like granite or a solid surface substitute. I have my computer between the two machines and it works for me. Would like it bigger but had to go with the room. Good luck – you seem to have found some good workers so I think you will do fine – as long as they understand exactly what you want.

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