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Sew Scrappy Challenge Quilt – Week 4


Last month I said that on Tuesdays until Thanksgiving I am working on my Sew Scrappy quilt as part of Jo’s “finish a UFO before Bonnie’s mystery quilt starts challenge”. Sew Scrappy is from Evelyn Sloppy’s book 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts. I don’t think I have any Bonnie Hunter quilts in pieces, but I want/need to finish this one and I’ve been stalling for 3 years.

There was no baseball game to distract me, but distracted I was. Our cat Butterscotch occasionally likes to go out into the garage and ‘hunt’. Yesterday afternoon she asked to be let out and our other cat Gracie decided to go out with her. About 4  hours later, I heard Butterscotch at the door so I let them back in the house — only Gracie wasn’t with her.  Called her. Got the laser light out — both cats come running to the sound of the key chain rattling on it, no matter how careful we are picking it up. Flapped the feather, as Gracie will come to the flapping noise.  Got a container of instant Rice-A-Roni out and shook it.  Nothing. Didn’t hear any rustling noises or meowing.

We were confident she couldn’t get out of the garage, but she’s our baby and we wanted her inside. So every 10 or 15 minutes one of us would go out into the garage and call her.  Finally I just sat out there and finally heard her.  That resulted in us moving a file cabinet thinking she might be behind it. Nope.

Moved more boxes and called to her. She was talking back now, but still couldn’t find her. Gave up. Went inside.  Then we heard her by the door.  Except she wasn’t.  But when I called her, I saw her run from one side of the garage to the other, so I knew she wasn’t hurt.  That’s when I was finally able to sit down and work on Sew Scrappy.

I managed to get a few strip sets sewn together and pressed.  That’s all I accomplished on the quilt.  I have high hopes for next Tuesday, as I’ll have the entire day to sew.

Oh, and  Gracie?  She meowed one more time at the door and this time was ready to come in.

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2 Thoughts on “Sew Scrappy Challenge Quilt – Week 4

  1. Anything Scrappy is good to play with. Glad your kitty decided home is best! Distractions! I have them too. My Quilter’s ADD is working overtime this time of year!

  2. The colors in your strips are beautiful–I look forward to seeing the finished product.

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