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Side Tracked the Side Track

toolcarrier closed

This evening I was sidetracked to make this relatively quick project. While we were out tonight, my husband bought some tools he could carry in his briefcase to tighten music stands at school. He needed something to contain them and protect the other stuff in his brief case.

With a piece of stash music fabric, scrap batting, pre-made wide bias tape, and sticky hook and loop tape, I whipped up this custom pouch.

toolcarrier open

Sticky hook and loop tape is not one of my favorite notions – but it was what I had and it made positioning the piece on the flap easy.

toolcarrier tools

Now I need to make a case for his batons and cute little 1/32 size bow he carries around for demonstrating bow holds. But that will be later. Right now I have to get back to the baby quilt. The border decision has been made and I have some embroidery to do.





One Thought on “Side Tracked the Side Track

  1. Whiskers on March 18, 2014 at 11:49 pm said:

    Been thinking about this today. I would skip the lines and just do the notes, maybe the treble clef but anyone with knowledge of music would probably recognize what you are trying to do. If you know embroidery stitches, a lazy daisy stitch and just a simple long running stitch or two would do the rest. If you must have lines, do them in running stitches.

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