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What’s On My Design Wall



There is a lot going on these days. Just barely showing behind the black & gold is Eeyore, pinned up so I can work on the black & gold quilt. I still need to finish the borders and then it will be on to the quilting.  I have a cool idea for the quilting in the border (which my husband loves) so I hope I can pull it off. That bit of cream on the right is from the 2 color binding.

The baby’s parents are musicians, so isn’t this the perfect fabric for the backing?



I’m going to have to do some piecing as I only have a 2 yard piece and there is a 10″ and a 5″ square cut out of it. I really like the gold with it and I bought more than I needed, so maybe there’s enough.


While I was piecing the quilt, I managed to make 40 + 4-patches for my Jared Takes A Wife.  For the record, they were already paired up into 2-patches.  I think I have 10 more left to make.



I’m still cutting fabrics, but that’s OK. My goal is to finish it by the end of April.

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3 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. Good for you to re-purpose your 4-patches. Have a great week working on your projects.

  2. I think I would start by seeing what the score would look like shrunk to the width of the black border. It will be bigger than printed music but not that big. I think I would then see where I could fit it. I would only do one verse, so to speak. Then I would follow that up with the common words to the lullaby. By gold thread do you mean gold colored or are you thinking of using metallic gold thread? I would stick to gold color as the metallic thread is scratchy. (Of course I haven’t purchased or even looked at gold thread for some time — years and years really.) I like the idea of doing the lines with the machine. You might want to play with your special stitches on your sewing machine to see if there are any circles/ovals that would work for the notes and then you maybe able to add the stems by machine too. Otherwise I think I would hand quilt the notes/words. You might need thicker thread to have it show up too. The project sounds like a lot of fun albeit time consuming. You’ll learn a whole lot with this endeavor. Good luck!

  3. Whiskers on March 18, 2014 at 10:16 am said:

    Got here from Quiltville.

    I made a music themed quilt several years ago. Black, white and red at the gram’pa’s request with music themed fabric. In the border, I had done a piano-keys treatment, and I traced one music note repeatedly on Solvy (about 3″ high), cut them out and pinned them on. Then I quilted around the shape individually. The only ink that will stay on Solvy is a Sharpie. When you rip the Solvy off, expect little bits to stay behind that you need to remove with a moist cloth or towel. Possibly just washing would be a better choice if you don’t mind the way it looks when it is done. If you need to do a smaller note, see if your machine has a font or font you can manipulate to embroider. Otherwise, I think it will be a hand project.

    (Gram’pa is gay so every so often, I would put one of the notes on upside down.)


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