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The Border Wars Are Over


The border wars are over and we have a winner — Out of the Blue. The quilt top is approximately 47″ x 61″.  All of the blocks came from my orphan block box — which incidentally I can now get closed  – although that’s probably due to neatly stacking rather than removing these blocks from the box.

Here’s a bit about the blocks.  The large black and bright 4-patches came from a swap I did when I first started quilting.  Only having 9 there really weren’t enough to do anything with, so into the box they went.

The hearts were supposed to be cornerstones on my Dancing Flowers wall  hanging, but I didn’t like the red with the flower blocks and I didn’t think they would go well in the Black and Bright swap quilt.

Speaking of the Black and Bright swap quilt, the turquoise, lime and black strip was made from leftover border and the pink and turquoise Flying Dutchman was a block I made for the swap which was returned to me when someone dropped out.

The two Dresden Plates are extras from my  Dresden Plate quilt Metamorphosis. I have no idea why I didn’t make the quilt one more column wider. I just needed another 3 blocks and two more are in the orphan box waiting to be turned and appliqued down.

That just leaves the small green 4-patches.  Most of them were given to me in a bag of “scraps” from T. In fact now that I think about it, some of them were from her Black and Bright swap block. Also in the scraps were some 2-patches which I sewed together.  But I came up short 1 4-patch — so I cut down one of the large green 4-patches to complete the row.  I ended up adding 3 4-patches to the orphan box as a result.

My husband came up with the name while we were brain storming names.  Out of the Blue was chosen for multiple reasons – The border was not one in the running earlier in the week, it came Out of the Blue. The border came Out of the Blue box of stash fabric. The entire quilt came Out of the Blue with no planning when I opened my orphan block box.


One Thought on “The Border Wars Are Over

  1. The blue looks great with it!

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