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Border Wars

No I don’t mean KU vs MU – I never have gotten into that, but I know that for some it’s a big deal.  Borders as in what, if anything to do for my Orphan Block quilt.

This morning Becky suggested that I put the Flying Dutchman block between the two Dresden Plate blocks (something I had previously tried) and then take the extra 4-patch and split it into two 2-patches to fill in the large 4-patch rows.  That was enough to kick me in gear.  I actually cut down one of the large green 4-patches to fill in the small 4-patch row, which meant all my rows were 36″ wide, except for the turquoise, green and black row – and I took two pieces off of it and then it too was 36″ wide.

The quilt top now measures 36″ wide by 50″ long.  The length is probably OK, but it’s the width I’m having issues with.  I’m considering adding a border — but just to the sides.  Thus the border wars.

Do I skip all borders, go with just the print, or use a narrow spacer border before the print and if so, what color – yellow, blue, pink or green?

2 Thoughts on “Border Wars

  1. needs the stop border in my opinion. it needs a place to rest the eyes, so needs the color to transition into the printed border. without it is too abrupt of a stop of all the motion in the body of the quilt. i personally like the red or blue best because they are not as strong as the yellow and green in the body of the quilt so it makes the whole thing more balanced. the green and yellow make it too heavy and the focus is more on those colors in the quilt then…..hope it makes sense….

    and, am home from kansas without getting to even give you a call ;o( we were busier than i thought we would be….would have loved to met you…..perhaps next time….

  2. I like all of the colors, pick the color you want accented in your quilt. I would probably pick yellow because it is my favorite color, but all of the colors go great! Which color do you have the most of in your stash and use that!

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