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The Quilt Top is Complete

Yesterday morning I hung up 1/2 of the quilt top on my shelves and spotted one broken dish unit turned. Fortunately it was on the first row and easy to fix.  When I took it down and hung up the second half and also discovered a turned block, this time on the last row. Now that the top is complete I can contemplate the quilting while I work on the batik version of this quilt.

But first a reminder.  Make notes, especially when you aren’t planning on cutting into the fabric immediately. Last month my sister bought these Kansas Troubles fabrics and gave me great notes.  Turns out she made a sticky note for everything she was buying.

Unfortunately I did not take good notes.  I had a note card indicating how many FQs I needed and total yardage needed.  But when I got to the shop, I ended up calculating on the fly based on what I was purchasing.

Oh, did I mention I’m working from my own pattern?  So, I did the math on the fly, added in yardage for a couple of pillowcases and binding in either lavender or seafoam and came home with my fabric and washed it.  Now 8 weeks later, I’m not sure how I was going to handle my neutrals. Can I find the note card visible on the stack of lavender fabric? No.

So, here I sit. The color strips are cut for the HST.  I purchases 1/2 yard cuts of all but 5 of the fabrics — more bang for my buck than purchasing FQs.  Last night I pressed everything and cut them into FQs. The lavender and seafoam yardage is clearly my choices for binding and pillowcase cuffs.  It’s the neutrals I’m struggling with.

I need strips for HST, and squares.  Per EQ I need 11 1/2 yards of neutrals.  7 1/8 yards for the squares and 4 1/2 yards for the HST. I only have 10 1/2 yards, which is supposed to include yardage for pillowcases.  Clearly my math was wrong. I’ll figure out something…..



Easy Breezy = 82


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