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What I’ve Been Up To

This month has flown by, or dragged by, I haven’t made up my mind yet.

On the quilting front, I quilted 4 quilts for a customer.  I’m doing edge-to-edge computer driven quilting for hire.  My customer was thrilled with all of the quilts I’ve done for her.  The top 2 are the Minky backs.  Depending on who you ask Minky is a bear to work with, or it’s not.  I suspect it has to do with the quality of the Minky.  This is from Shannon. It is WONDERFUL. It’s also hot, so I was asked to not use batting. The 2 tops came out just fine.

I’ve also been playing with pouring acrylics.  The vase and painting above it were done at the same time.  Then I did the painting on the right.  Finally I attempted to do some Christmas ornaments, but the paint didn’t stick to the inside of the ornaments.  I’ve since painted them on the outside with mixed results, but I haven’t taken a picture yet.

There’s a new quilt shop in town — Stashworthy Fabric.  It’s on the north side of town — about 35 minutes from me.  They had been open for about a week when I stopped in.

As for my quilting projects, I’ve been working on a “gazillion” red/neutral and blue/neutral HSTs.  I finally finished them, and have started assembling my broken dishes units. If I’ve counted right, the red ones are made, and the blue ones are partially assembled.  I am concerned though as I came up with an extra blue/neutral HST.  Does that mean I need 3 more or have 1 extra?  Of course since I’ve already thought I had all I needed who knows for certain.  I hope to finish this quilt top tonight or tomorrow so I can start working on the “real” quilt — which needed even more HST as it is large.


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