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Today’s Progress

They have started the window install.  First is the driveway wall windows in the Quilt Studio.

The Sunroom window went in.

Finally the patio wall of the Sunroom.

It started raining about 11:15 this morning and is just now (10:45) tapering off after 4+ inches of rain. I was trimming these quilt blocks when they lifted the last window into the opening in the Quilt Studio.  I could no longer hear the rain.

This video is my attempt to show the sound dampening (no pun intended) of my new double pane windows.

Even though it rained all afternoon, the guys kept putting windows in.  I forgot to get an exterior picture of the breakfast room.  The two side windows will be replaced tomorrow.


The living room.  I’m need to move those rose bushes. They beautiful, but are too large.  Maybe next year.

The dining room.  I purchased a few Daylily roots Sunday. I think I’ll plant them in in front of this window.

Speaking of daylilies, I picked these up at Hobby Lobby. The plan was to put them on the dining room table when I get that far, but for now, they are on the entry table. I may need to do another arrangements for the dining room.

Finally, I  have the guest bed put together. The dust ruffle was delivered today. So, I used my new nail gun to nail the plywood to the slats to keep it from shifting, then started dressing the bed. I got my workout unpacking the mattress. The quilt is the 2018-2019 Quiltville Mystery Quilt – Good Fortune.  Clearly I need to make a couple quilts in the 84 x 90 range.  The bed frame has been in the family for at least 50 years.  Ted’s sister Ruby remembers sleeping on it when she was 16, it was Ted’s bed growing up and our first bed when we got married.

It’s not supposed to rain tomorrow which will make it easier for the guys to finish the windows. I think there are 8 more to install.

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