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Window Day

It’s window installation day!  Naturally that means the cats get locked up so they don’t escape. I’ve got them in my office. There’s no door knob on the hall door, so the chair is keeping the door closed.  They have food, water, a litter box, scratching post, a toy mouse and 3 cat beds.

But Gracie is not happy.  Typically when people are in the house she hides in my bedroom, but since my bedroom is getting windows, she’s locked up with the other two girls.

I’ve also pruned the magnolia tree and hung the chimes.  My original plan was to hang them by the house, but I discovered the previous owner had put a couple of hooks in the tree to hang a swing.  I removed the ropes and instant spot for the chimes.

The first thing they guys told me was the exterior glass was broken in one of windows.  They are ordering a replacement sash which will be here in 3 – 4 weeks. Since all 5 of the Quilt Studio and Sunroom windows are the same size, this one will go in the Sunroom.

I just hope the rain holds off long enough for them to get all of the windows installed.

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