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What Is On My Design Wall

There are bits and pieces of the orphan blocks up on the wall. I narrowed it down to just those blocks which had black in them. Went though several iterations even asking my husband to see if he could arrange the blocks.






At one point I pulled fabric from my stash then asked if I could make new blocks for the Orphan Block Quilt.


I got one answer “only from orphan fabric” and one answer “no”.

So I downloaded a few historical romances onto my Kindle and read. And assisted Syd with her quilt for her mom.


 She’s picked a backing fabric from my stash. I think there’s enough, but I’ll have to use the John Flynn method to make the backing.

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5 Thoughts on “What Is On My Design Wall

  1. Oh, yum! I love the quilt Syd has made and the backing fabric is gorgeous!
    Whoever said you couldn’t make more blocks for the orphan block quilt had a point, but I think I would find it hard to resist adding in some more blocks!!

  2. How about trying your second picture? Move the flying Dutchman block to between the Dresden plates, and use the leftover 4 patch block to finish out the row(s) of similar ones – ripping it in half if that’s needed to fit. Otherwise that setting works well. Don’t forget to turn the orange 4 patch to orient it the same as the others. Good luck with this project, although reading is fun as well.

  3. I love that peacock fabric! Maybe you could add some nice sashing to your orphan blocks to make them fit?

  4. BTW, I like Becky’s suggestions!

  5. Fill in where there isn’t enough blocks with the background fabric. The blocks will float. Have fun with it. Your quilting friend is getting faster at making the tops. Love the Peacock fabric. What is the John Flynn method?

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