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What’s On My Design Wall



This past week I’ve been playing with my stars.  10 new stars.  As you can see Orca Bay is not yet sandwiched. I really need to do something about that this week. Or work on Eye Fooler.  It’s still sitting on the corner of my desk.

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What’s On My Design Wall


This past week I’ve been working on my stars.  Star #99 still needs a few more pieces of background attached — then I’ve got to pick more star fabric.

So, this past weekend I started working on the Craigslist scraps – the ones I got back in October and whittled down to one crate. I’ve got them sorted by color or theme except for this last little bit in the crate.



There were piles covering all of my ironing board, but I had to make room for pressing. The blues have been pressed.



To clear the space, I moved the scraps to my treadle.


I hope to get through the scraps this week because I need to get back to the graduation quilt.  I was reminded that there’s just two months until graduation.

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What’s On My Design Wall


As I mentioned late Saturday night, I’ve gotten distracted. Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber suggested sending smaller quilts (48″ x 60″) to her quilt club would be a win-win. A veteran’s hospital would get a quilt and the UFO count could be reduced. I checked my spreadsheet and found one quilt top which was waiting on borders, and I found two partial block sets.

From the block sets and a couple of orphan blocks, I made the quilt top pictured above. The 2nd quilt top is on the design wall waiting for the sashing.



As soon as I get these in the mail, I’ll cross them off my “To Be Quilted” list and reduce the number of my UFOs (“Quilts In Progress” + “To Be Quilted”) by three. Then it will be back to the graduation quilt.

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What’s on My Design Wall


I’m using EQ to help me shuffle the bits and pieces of the graduation quilt, so that hopefully, the colors will be dispersed throughout the quilt and not lumped together. The pieces are scattered on various surfaces in my sewing room.


Although I did not get a star made yesterday, I did get the two sections stitched together.

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What’s On My Design Wall


First up is the Orca Bay top. This was the 2011 Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  I have the batting, backing and thread to quilt it, I just need to scheduled long arm rental time.

So, having finished one quilt top, I’m on to the next one. Eye Fooler in black and brights.



Saturday I got a few 2-patches and flying geese made while I was avoiding the borders for Orca Bay. There are tons more of these units which need to be made. The bright fabric for these units are cut but I haven’t cut the black fabric. I made myself wait until the Orca Bay top was done.

These 4″ wide bright strips should be enough for the rest of the black and bright units.

dw0223 - strips

By getting these cut, I’ve been able to fold up the rest of the fabric. Admittedly it’s not put away – but that’s only because there’s a quilt top hanging from the shelving.

I did cut one 5″ strip of the black to make the background of the triangle in a square units.

dw0223 - trianglesquare

Next up is to figure out how many units of each fabric I need. I suspect I’ll be cutting all week.

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What’s On My Design Wall

At the moment, there’s nothing on my design wall — still can’t get to it.  I’ve also taken down the temporary design wall, so there’s nothing on it either.  But that’s not to say I’m not working on things.

Border pieces for Orca Bay are ready to be stitched – and have been since Friday afternoon.

Friday night I started de-boning shirts.  Would you believe the last time I bought a thrift shirt was back in June?  They are stuffed in a  box and a laundry basket. My goal is to get them into usable fabric. I have a couple of ideas for quilts and I can’t start either one until I have this task done.


Actually, even when I get the shirts dealt with, I won’t start the shirt quilt. I need to turn this pile of fabric into a quilt for my niece. I need a ton of black and bright 4-patches, bright flying geese in black skies and bright triangles in black squares – at which point I’ll need my design wall.


Nothing like tasks dependent on each other.  I am making progress getting to the design wall. In addition to working on the shirts, I took two quilts and boxed them up for delivery — then took them out to my car. It may be cold, but the cold won’t hurt the quilts.

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What’s On My Design Wall



Just 5 more seams and the center of Orca Bay will be done. Also, I made 6 stars for the Star-A-Day quilt. I need to finish 2 more and then I’ll have enough to finish the first section.

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What’s On My Design Wall



I still can’t get to my design wall, but the Great Desk replacement has entered its final phase.  Both computers are set back up I have more desk surface and drawers, the air vent is not blocked and the wires are basically corralled.  The only major thing left is to get a keyboard tray mounted to the bottom of the black desk — we’ve got one but didn’t find it when we were looking this weekend.

Believe it or not, I still got a bit of sewing in last week.



All of the Orca Bay blocks have the sashing attached to the left side of the block and the cornerstones have been sewn to most of the sashing. I’ve simply have a few blocks laid out on the ironing board.

The rest of the week will be spent unloading the boxes, arranging stuff in the new file drawers, finding a spot for the recycling and trash cans and hanging the wall hanging backup. Hopefully I’ll get a bit of sewing in as well.

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What’s On My Design Wall



This week all I’ve accomplished with needle and thread is 3 new stars (which still need pressing). What can I say? Tuesday afternoon I started tearing the office space apart in preparation for a “new desk”.  Well, that and to clean up some broken glass.

I think I’ve finally got all of the glass up and the computers are hooked back up. But there are still boxes to unpack and stuff to put away.  There are boxes are piled up in front of the design wall


and on the cart.


Flat surfaces are piled high.



But the quilting books are now on the bookshelf that I swapped out. The wall hanging will need to be moved.



Others hung back up.


I can however say with certainty neither the ironing or cutting boards are piled with stuff. The only decision I have to make now is if this new arrangement is going to work for me.  I’ll try it out for a week and in the meantime, put what I can away.

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What’s On My Design Wall



26 Blocks up on the wall. The last 3 were released together so I knocked them out quickly while I was on a roll.

X is for XQuisit

DY - XQuisite

Y is for Yankee Puzzle

DY - Yankee Puzzle

Z is for ZigZag

DY - ZigZag

Now the goal is to find something to tie all of these shirting and muslin blocks together. Just when I think I have it figured out I decide that perhaps it’s not the best option and go off in another direction. I suspect these blocks are going to have to age a bit before they become a top.

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