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The Last Finish of 2015


This is the last finish of 2015. It’s my pink and black 4-Patch Stacked Posies. The top has been hanging in my stash of tops since 2007 waiting for the right time to be quilted. The time has come and I found both the batting and backing in my stash.


The length of green matches perfectly the green in the focus fabric – although it’s tough to tell in this lighting.  It shows up better in the pillowcase.


I used the pantograph A Little Bit Of Fluff. The top thread is a Cotton/Poly T40 Variegated thread in Primary Explosion. I used Omni in a Green Turquoise in the bobbin.  The batting is Soft & Black — a discontinued batting by Warm and Natural. Even though the batting is polyester, the quilt still shrunk a bit — it was 52″ x 68 prior to washing and now it measures 50″ x 64″.

This quilt was on my 4th quarter list for the Finish Along simply because I listed all of my UFOs. It brings my total finishes for the year to 18 quilts and 30 pillowcases and my UFO count is down to 52 – 22 tops to be quilted and 30 projects in pieces.

Now off to stitch the label onto the quilt — I got so excited that the quilt was finished, I missed the last step! At least the label is already made.

Green Disappearing 9-Patch – The Blog Post



Well, I  had great hopes and dreams of a cool photo shoot of all of the quilts, but that simply is not going to happen.  I haven’t been able to get out during the day — except when the wind is blowing hard or it’s raining — neither are conducive to a quilt photo shoot of a single quilt, let alone multiple quilts. So this is it.  The quilt pinned to the shelves in the sewing room.

This is the 2nd of 3 Disappearing 9-Patches.  It measured about 79″ x 94″ before washing. Based on the picture, I’m guessing it’s about 75″ x 90″ after washing. Hobb’s Tuscany Bleached 100% Cotton batting was used (it’s what I had on hand). It was quilted on my DSM. I used my CarioQuilt thread in Military Gold to do some basic straight stitching.

All the fabric is from recycled shirts, except for the green. I purchased two yards of it, and had enough fabric to make the quilt and a pillowcase — well, I made the cuff narrower so I could make a cuff for Nifty Thrifty as well. Bottom line, there’s no green fabric left.

I started cutting the squares on May 19th, finished the top August 20th and finished the quilt on October 31st.  It was part of the November UFO Parade at Aunt Marti’s, one of my finishes for UFO Busting over at Field Trips in Fiber, it is on my 3rd Quarter Finish Along List (it was on the 3rd quarter list, but it’s the 4th Quarter Finish Along List that I need to link to)  for that On the Windy Side is hosting and of course it is a quilt on my personal Crazy Challenge II list.

Ooh — nearly forgot the pillowcase.


Orange Crush – The Blog Post



The time change and weather has not bode well for getting good pictures outside. I’ve put off this post waiting for a good picture, but have decided if I don’t record details now, I’ll forget them.

My Orange Crush was started April 1, 2008 — well at least that’s when the first clue was released. I finished up the top 7 months later on November 4, 2008. The quilt top needed to age – waiting for the perfect occasion to gift it. I quilted it on October 26, 2015 using Superior’s So Fine! #722 “Crikey!” in the top and pre-wound SuperBobs in white for the bobbin. The quilting pattern is Curley-Q, a pantograph by Aimee Mahan. The batting is Hobb’s Tuscany 100% Bleached cotton. Finally I bound it using Susie’s Magic Binding.  After washing the quilt measures…well shoot, I don’t have that information in the spreadsheet. I’ll have to come back and add it before it is gifted.

This was an October 31, 2015 finish – pulling it out of the washing machine that morning in time to be included in the November UFO Parade Aunt Marti’s 52 Quilts. It was also counted as a finish for the UFO Busting Report sponsored by Vicki over at Field Trips in Fiber. It is one of my finishes for the 2015 Finish Along off my 4th Quarter List and finally it is one of the Crazy Challenge II quilts.

I didn’t mention it, but the backing is the same Kansas City Chiefs fabric that I used for the pillowcase.


Sew Scrappy Challenge Quilt – Week 7



Last month I said that on Tuesdays until Thanksgiving I am working on my Sew Scrappy quilt as part of Jo’s “finish a UFO before Bonnie’s mystery quilt starts challenge”. Sew Scrappy is from Evelyn Sloppy’s book 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts. I don’t think I have any Bonnie Hunter quilts in pieces, but I want/need to finish this one and I’ve been stalling for 3 years.  Monday I got it washed and hung to take a picture. These days it is too late to take pictures outside after work, so I hung it on my shelves. It has also been delivered.

The quilt measures 69″ x 83″ after washing.  All of the fabric is Kansas Troubles, including those really light pieces.  As I was working on the quilt, I’d pick up a light piece then go check the selvage to make sure it really was KT fabric.

The batting is Hobb’s 100% Cotton Tuscany and I used Cairo-quilt in Military Gold thread in both the top and the bottom.  It blends so well, I had a hard time telling where I had quilted! There was one spot that I added a bit of quilting to after I got home.



The quilting was done free-hand – just a loopy flower that I do. The picture above is before I washed the quilt, the one below, after.


This quilt will link up with Jo’s Country Junction, Aunt Marti’s UFO Parade, the UFO Busting – 2015 over at Field Trips in Fiber, the 4th Quarter Finish Along (list is here) and of course my Crazy Challenge II.

I nearly forgot.  Yes, there is a pillowcase to go with it.



Aiming for Accuracy is Finished!


Yes, Aiming for Accuracy is out of the wash. I love how it crinkled up. I made this as part of a quilt along in 2013 – then modified it slightly making it a tad wider. I started with the pink fabric and then used florals from my stash.  Originally, I was going to just cut squares of the floral fabrics to make the backing, but I got a wild idea.


Starting with the pink and purple butterfly fabric, I combed through my Orphan Block Box for pink, purple and floral blocks and block parts.  I made tons of pinwheels using bonus HST and I still have bonus HST left over.


  • Top Started: 8/4/2013
  • Top Completed: 10/21/2013
  • Quilt Completed: 10/28/2013
  • Batting: Hobbs Tuscany 100% Bleached Cotton
  • Top Thread: Superior Omni Thread in “Verbena”
  • Bobbin Thread: SuperBob in a light lavender – 1 + and I ran out at the end of a row!
  • Used Curly-Q pantograph by Aimee Mahan /Splendid Stitches
  • Susie’s Magic Binding
  • Measures 61″ x 76″ after washing

This quilt is on my list for the 4th Quarter Finish Along – I’m sending it to Aunt Marti for the UFO Parade. It’s also being sent in for the 2015 UFO Busting over at Field Trips in Fiber.  It is part of the Crazy Challenge II which started August 15th.

Diamond Links

DiamondLinksFrontDoneDiamond Links was the 2007 Mystery Quilt on the Yahoo! Group apocketfullofmysteries owned by Dorothy Young. It’s been a top so long and I’ve gone through a couple of computers I’m not sure I even have the pattern any more. Unlike more recent mysteries where I pull from my stash, most, if not all of the fabric was purchased specifically for this quilt.

A couple of people have commented on the border fabric.  It is Pattern # BTR-4407 from Blank Quilting with a copyright of 2006. The pillowcase fabric is Masquerade IV by fresh designs for Henry Glass & Co. Pattern # 9246. I bought it while back as well.

I rented time on a long arm back in January 2013, but ran into some issues and brought the quilt home. Where it sat and sat and sat. It hit the Crazy Challenge II list as a wedding gift so I needed to get it done. I finished the quilting on my DSM, the used ‘Susie’s Magic Binding’ to quickly bind the quilt.

The quilt also has a bit of ‘back art’


and of course pillowcases.


A couple of notes on the pictures. Turns out there wasn’t a good place to prevent shadows. I guess I’ve got to get out earlier in the day for shadow free pictures. Cropped out of the first picture, but visible in the second is the temporary hanging sleeve — I simply pinned it on for the pictures.

  • Top Started: January 2007
  • Top Completed: 3/18/2007
  • Quilting Started: January 2012
  • Quilt Completed: 9/30/2015
  • Batting: Warm & Natural
  • Thread: Superior Threads King Tut #40/3 Color # 978 “Rosetta Stone” on the top and Black Bottom Line in the bobbin
  • Measures 74″ x 91″ after washing

This quilt is on my list for the 3rd Quarter Finish Along – but only because I included everything on the list. I’m sending it to Aunt Marti for the UFO Parade, but since I didn’t get the picture until after 5 it will be in next month’s parade. It’s also being sent in for the 2015 UFO Busting over at Field Trips in Fiber.  It is part of my Crazy Challenge II which started August 15th.

Nifty Thrifty


Nifty Thrifty is a Bonnie Hunter pattern found in her book Scraps and Shirttails.

Quilt Statistics:

  • Top Started: 3/3/13
  • Top Completed: 7/19/13
  • Quilt Completed: 9/21/15
  • Recycled Fabric Used: 12.181 yards – front, back and binding
  • Batting: Hobbs Tuscany 100% Unbleached Cotton & Bleached Cotton
  • Thread: Coats Machine Quilting 100% cotton 30wt. Article V34 color 309A – Camel
  • Measures 69″ x 78″ after washing

This quilt is on my list for the 3rd Quarter Finish Along – but only because I included everything on the the list. I’m sending it to Aunt Marti for the UFO Parade. It’s also being sent in for the 2015 UFO Busting over at Field Trips in Fiber.  It is of course part of the scope creep for my Crazy Challenge II which started August 15th.

Orange is the Ultimate Favorite Color


I gave this Disappearing 9-Patch the name “Orange is the Ultimate Favorite Color” as that is what my nephew is fond of saying.  When asked, he says “I have 2 favorite colors, red and yellow, which make orange, which is my ultimate favorite color.” The quilting is simple – diagonal lines.


Quilt Statistics:

  • Top Started: 5/19/15
  • Top Completed: 6/5/15
  • Quilt Completed: 9/5/15
  • Recycled Fabric Used: 8.7 yards (front & back)
  • Purchased Fabric Used: .968 (orange)
  • Batting: Hobbs Tuscany 100% Unbleached Cotton
  • Thread: Coats Machine Quilting 100% cotton 30wt. Article V3 color 880 – Autumn
  • Machine Quilted on my DSM
  • Measures 62″ x 77″ after washing

This quilt is on my list for the 3rd Quarter Finish Along. I’m sending it to Aunt Marti for the UFO Parade. It’s also being sent in for the 2015 UFO Busting over at Field Trips in Fiber.  It is one of the original quilts on my Crazy Challenge II which started August 15th.

Out of the Blue


The top for Out of the Blue came about a few years ago as a desire to get my orphan block box closed. A few weeks ago I was asked if I had something I could quilt quickly for a 7-year-old girl and immediately thought of Out of the Blue.

I finished the quilting on it and got it bound last week, but it still needed a label, threads trimmed, washing and the pillowcases for the girl’s siblings made. Now that all of that is done, I have a good picture of the quilt.

Quilt Statistics:

  • Top Started: 7/19/13
  • Top Completed: 8/3/13
  • Quilt Completed: 9/17/15
  • Yardage Used in Top and Binding – other than Orphan Blocks: 1.825 yards
  • Yardage Used for the Backing – 2.667 yards
  • Batting: The same batting I used in Dancing Flowers — I’m not sure what it is other than a black batting.
  • Thread: Superior Threads Omni Thread in Green Turquoise # 3092 top and bobbin
  • Measures  45-1/2″ x 58-1/2″ after washing

This quilt is on my list for the 3rd Quarter Finish Along – but only because I gave in and listed EVERY UFO. I’m sending it to Aunt Marti for the UFO Parade. It’s also being sent in for the 2015 UFO Busting over at Field Trips in Fiber.  It is of course part of the scope creep for my Crazy Challenge II which started August 15th.



The Graduation Quilt Is Finished!

The Graduation Quilt is finished and delivered.


gradquiltdone-border detail


  • Pattern:  Eye Fooler from Quail Valley Quilts
  • 16 3/4 yards of fabric in top, backing, binding and pillowcase
  • Batting: Hobbs 80/20 Black
  • Top Thread: Superior Threads So Fine! Color # 722 – Crickey!
  • BobbinThread: Superior Threads Super Bob – Black (nearly 2 size M’s)
  • Quilting design: AMPANTO03 Curly Q by Aimee Mahan
  • Quilting time: approximately 3 hours
  • Binding: Susie’s Magic Binding
  • Size before washing: 78″ x 96″
  • Size after washing: 74″ x 90″
  • Started: 2/18/15
  • Finished: 5/15/15

This quilt was on my UFO list in several challenges. I’ll add the links when the corresponding post goes live.