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What’s On My Design Wall

Today there’s a little bit of everything on my design wall/ironing board.  I’ve had a bit of a problem settling down and working on just one thing.

At the top is the Crossword Puzzle quilt, which has been fixed and now needs to be quilted.  I haven’t totally decided how I’m going to quilt it, but I should make the backing.  It’s the plaid that sticking out around the edges.  Yes, two long seams will need to be matched.  The fabric was pressed this weekend.

Another easy “finish” is Candy Sunflower Seeds.  This got set aside in May or June and it just needs the borders.  The top and border fabric surfaced while I was cleaning this weekend and it’s been pressed.  Now if I can only remember if I was planning on a narrow border before the brown outer border.  At least the stars ‘float’ so I don’t have to worry about them disappearing into the border.

The red is the mystery quilt pattern I was testing a couple of weeks ago.  I have the straight line quilting done and now need to add the holly leaves.  7 sets of 3 to go.

That yellow, green  and fireworks is Fireworks Over John Deere.  It is also this month’s UFO to be quilted.  It measures 45 1/2″ wide and of course my backing fabric is only a tad over 40″ wide.  So, I’ve got to make a backing.

I’ve got four of John Deere pillow panels and I’m considering using one or moe along with the fireworks fabric to make the backing.  So, naturally, after I got the fabric and panels pressed I just left it on my ironing board while I make a decision.

Finally, believe it or not, I did a bit of hand quilting.  Finished up 2 more hearts and moved the hoop for the first time in several months.  I’m not sure when the last time I worked on the quilt.

To see if others are bouncing all over the place, check out the links at Patchwork Times.  In the meantime, I’ll see if I can focus on just one or two projects.

So That’s How You Spell Kendall

Now to figure out how close to square the quilt top is and get it quilted!


I spent a bit of time with my trust seam ripper last night.  I need to spend more time with it before I can move forward again.

Nearly Done

It’s only nearly done because I figured out where that “extra L” goes.  And it still needs quilting.

My sister was thrilled with the quilt top.

One More Name Needed

Then the last names up top and the wedding date (it’s Saturday!) on the bottom.


Progress Report

Progress has been made, although not as much as I would have liked.  As far as the names go, I’ve got all the letters sewn in except for Jeremiah II and the last A in Thaleia.  My biggest fear was dealing with the blocks that only had one letter in them. Turns out it wasn’t too bad.


What’s on my Design Wall

Saturday I got the top left quadrant sewn together.  Sunday I received a call.  One of the names is spelled wrong!  So, my husband and I went out shopping.  When we got home we put our heads together and found a solution.  Now all I need to do is finish stitching the last few letters then get them sewn into the top.

I will NOT quilt this before the wedding Saturday.  We are going to hang it in the reception hall and let everyone proof read it!

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The Push Is On

It’s been a whirlwind of activities or lack there of this week.  Down with a sinus infection early in the week and then dodging tornadoes before finally getting my momentum back.  I’m still not at full power but there are quilts to get done.

I’ve tossed some blocks up on the design wall for my sister’s wedding quilt.  When she and her fiance were here last weekend I finally showed it to them.  She loves it — or at least what it will become.

This is about 1/4th of the quilt.  My design wall is not big enough for the entire quilt, so I’m going to have to work on it in sections.  That 5th block down on the left side of the quilt is going to have to move.  I think I’m going to find a spot where the really light part is under a letter.

I have more blocks to piece and letters to applique, but hopefully I’ll get some of the blocks sewn together by this time tomorrow.

What’s On My Design Wall

I’m bouncing all over the place this week.  This is nearly half of the blocks I’ll use as the background for the crossword puzzle quilt.  I still need to piece the rest of the blocks I’ve got cut out, and I think due to a miscalculation on my part, I need to make another 8 blocks.  Over the weekend I picked up 5 more FQs.  I’ve said it before, but at this point, this is it.  If I don’t have enough fabric, the quilt will simply be smaller.  The good news is I have final confirmation of the last name I need to include in the quilt.  Isabelle, my sister’s granddaughter to be was born last night.  So, once I get the rest of the blocks pieced I’ll figure out the final block arrangement.

But, since at this time I’m only aiming for a quilt top by the end of may and I have time booked to use the long arm next week, I’ve got to get at least one more quilt top done.

These are the strips sewn into pairs for a Strip Twist quilt.  Since this picture was taken Sunday afternoon, they’ve been pressed open and matched up to sewn into sets of 4.  Tonight is the  Guild meeting, but I hope to get the strip sets sewn afterwards.

Finally my Peacock BQ2 quilt is finished!  OK, it still needs a label, but that’s the least of my worries.  This is quilt # 3 in my 10 by June.

I made this quilt top in May 2009 – but then had no idea how to quilt it.  Honestly, I still didn’t know what I was going to do until my husband suggested loopy flowers.  I had my doubts, but it works. Sure, feathers would have been cool, but  since I’m giving this quilt to my aunt, I wanted to make sure it looked good – or at least not embarrassing.

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Wednesday’s Progress

If my math is correct, this is 1/4 of the Drunkard’s Path blocks. 120 more to go!