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Pillowcase Marathon



On the Crazy Challenge II list there is an entry for 4 pillowcases and 1 pillowcase. It’s listed as 5 pillowcases on the 4th Quarter Finish Along List Well, I counted wrong and it should have been 7. I made these assembly line fashion and each has a label inside the cuff saying who it is for.

As I recently got 3 quilts far enough along to know what fabric I had for pillowcases, I made these 3 cases as well.



I would like to say I’m done with pillowcases, but I have either 4 or 5 more to make – just as soon as I get the quilts far enough along to know what I have to use for the cases.

Pillowcases – Group 1

4casesQuilting was interrupted when my printer ink arrived to make pillowcases. Huh?

For these cases we wanted printed labels.



The labels were inserted into the cuff via reverse appliqué. I had the process down to a science by the time I got to the 4th case…which will come in handy when I do the next set of 4 + 1 later this year.

My stash surprised me again. With the exception of the ‘superhero’ fabric, it all came from my stash. The ‘superhero’ fabric was originally in my mom’s stash, then mine, then my sister’s before I reclaimed it last weekend. Now I’m off to trim thread from Out of the Blue so I can wash it and the cases. They all need to be mailed this weekend.

Small Problem


The first pillowcase went together without a hitch (there is no accent band).  It goes with the “forgotten quilt” which I can show in early November. The second case? Well I’ll be ripping the seam out.  Since I integrate the accent fabric into the cuff so it doesn’t roll up after washing, I have to be careful when I sew the cuff to the body fabric.  Clearly I wasn’t paying attention. As soon as I finish the pillowcase, it and the Eeyore quilt go into the wash.