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What’s on my Design Wall

Eight more blocks and I’ll have all 96 blocks done.  Then I can start sewing them into rows and ultimately a quilt top.  I’m going to have to temporarily clear the hearth off so I can get the last two rows up on the design wall.  Those blocks on the right really go on the bottom of the quilt.

For a border I’ve decided on three narrow inner borders  – 3/4- inch green, 1/2 – inch peach, and 3/4 inch green — this will use up the remaining peach and green fabric.  The final  outer border and binding will be a 4 to 5 inch wide  brown print.  I finally found two different brown prints from the collection on-line and ordered one of them last night.  Since Shangri-La is an older collection (2008), I’m thrilled that I can find anything in stock.

Since I’m off from work, I’ll spend a good bit of time working on this, hopefully finishing it up – well as much as I can with out the border fabric — and then get started on my next project.

Follow the links over at Judy’s to see if others are making progress on their UFOs or working on something new.

5 Thoughts on “What’s on my Design Wall

  1. Way to keep at the UFO #6! Mine is still being quilted. I think I have quilter’s ADD Enjoy your days off work.

  2. That is looking fabulous. One more to add to the want-to-do list (sigh)

  3. Instead of sewing the blocks into rows, try sewing two blocks together, then do foursies. Sew the groups of 4 blocks together, etc., etc. It’s so much easier and you’ll end up with very few really long seams to sew. It’s a great tip I learned from that venerable quilter, Mary Ellen Hopkins!

  4. This is one of my favorite quilts I have ever made. Your color combos look fab, LOVE IT!

  5. Oh you are almost there!!! I love it!

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