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A Busy Day

Last night I made a list of what all was happening today.

  • Foundation Inspection
  • Sheetrock Delivery
  • Dumpster Delivery
  • Sheet rock guys to start pulling down the ceiling
  • General Contractor to check on the above
  • Window guy to finalize windows, could be Saturday
  • Chiropractor appointment
  • Work – 2 calls (now 3) that I can’t move

The sheetrock was delivered at 7:45 AM

While this was happening, I locked the cats in the bedroom — well Butterscotch and Sherbert.  Gracie knew something was up and did not stick around for breakfast.  Then I moved my car to the street.

The Foundation guy showed up at exactly 8 AM as scheduled.  There is a 2/10 of an inch drop from the front door to the back corner of the dinning room, so the solution is to level the floor. Now I have to make those calls, but that’s way better than needing foundation work – No picture.

At 8:30 AM the dumpster was delivered.  While it’s here, I’m going to clean up the broken concrete and glass from the back yard.

The Sheet rock guys showed up about 9 and started dropping the ceiling in the Quilt Studio.

By 9:45 it looked like a snowstorm hit. In fact they appear to be using a snow shovel to bag up the insulation.

This was my view from my office around 11:15

With the ceiling dropped old damage which needs to be repaired has been exposed.

Once the guys went to lunch and it got quiet, Gracie came out from where she was hiding and hid under the sofa.

I was able to retrieve her and put her in my bedroom — then I remembered the hole under the sink.  I hope I have it blocked well enough to keep her from under the bathtub.

The guys are back now.  Still shoveling insulation and pulling damaged sheetrock and wall paper down in the living room and dining room.

The AC guy will be here Monday to move the vent in the Sunroom.

I’ve asked the electricians if they want to put in the ceiling outlets before the sheetrock goes up.  They’ll get back to me on Monday.


One Thought on “A Busy Day

  1. What a wreck yet how exciting Pam. Take your time and rest between the work crews if you can.

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