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Too Much Light?

There are 2 airports nearby. I might have to be concerned about aircraft trying to land on my house when I have all the lights turned on.

In Kansas City, my sewing area was lit by 2 ceiling fans over the longarm, each with a single bulb and a swing arm lamp by my sewing machine. Already I have more light since there are 3 bulbs in each fan.  All the lights in the room are LEDs.

I almost think the 5 strip lights give me enough light – at least to quilt. The light will be behind me when I’m at the sewing table.

I’m not sure of the exact angle of the lights yet, but these should be plenty if I’m cutting/pressing (under the far window) or sewing (under the near window).

I suspect these lights will only be used when friends are over quilting with me. There’s room for at least 3 sewing stations along that wall.

The design wall will be well lit.

I added a light by the back door.  I’ve bought light bulbs 3 times trying to get the right size/type.  Clearly I need to try again and get lower wattage so the neighbor doesn’t complain.  I have 2 of those fixtures for the patio which will be put up next week.

I just have a simple flat LED light in the “entryway” of the studio.

By comparison the Sunroom rather dark.

The electricians will be back next week to finish up.

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