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What’s On My Design Wall



Actually, the music baby quilt is finished and delivered.  I’ve called it Lullaby for Chloe, as this was a gift for the high school orchestra director’s newborn daughter Chloe.

The center went together quite quickly as did the final borders and quilting once I got the embroidery done.

The batting is Warm and Natural. The quilting thread is cairo-quilt 100% cotton in Honey Gold. I quilted it on my DSM. Straight stitching through the chain, stitch in the ditch around the border, echoing of the top, bottom and middle staff line in the border and then an eighth-note in the background. (Click on the pictures to see the detail.)



The backing is a piece of baby animal music fabric I bought back when I made Ted’s music quilt. It wasn’t quite wide enough so I added a strip of gold to either side.



  • Quilt started 3/15/14
  • Top completed 4/29/14
  • Quilt completed 5/3/14

Next up – prepping the backing for two quilts I’m quilting Friday and Saturday.

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Decisions Have Been Made



Now to make the backing.

What’s On My Design Wall



I stayed up too late to finish the embroidery on  the 4th last border. Now final decisions need to be made on how I’m going to finish it so I can start quilting.

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Did Someone Say New Project?




I’m nearly done with line 3 of the baby music quilt. Two more notes, two more bar lines and the staff to where the thread is on the right.  Then I’ve got to trace off one more line of music.



Two Lines Done



Two to go.

What’s On My Design Wall



Friday night was Stitch & Chat at the LQS. Normally I would take my DWR, but I am in desperate need of finishing the baby quilt.  I wonder how many notes I can stitch this evening?

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Didn’t Quite Make It



I didn’t quite make it to the of the staff.  In fact there’s a tad bit over one bar left to stitch. On the other hand, instead of stitching I actually put away some laundry. I suppose that’s a fair trade off.

I Really Am Working On It



This is the right side border to the baby quilt. I traced the music notes onto the staff this evening and started stitching.  I’ve got a smidgen over 2 bars stitched in this 5 bar staff. Maybe I’ll be able to get an earlier start tomorrow evening and finish the staff so I can move onto the music.

What’s On My Design Wall





After finishing the embroidery on first border, I discovered that I didn’t get it centered. I’m considering this border treatment. Although the embroidery, which looks good by itself nearly fades away when put next to the quilt. So who knows what I’ll really do.

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Border Progress



Two steps forward, one step backwards.

The decision was made yesterday on the border.

Then I cut the fabric 1/2″ narrower than I needed.

I’m going with it anyway and will piece this piece and hope the seam is somewhat hidden by the binding. But, I don’t want it to be the top border, so I’m going to do the entire verse – one phrase on each border.

I think my husband said this version was in F major.